Sunday, June 17, 2012

To the best Dad...


I have always been a daddy's girl! I am so thankful for all of his love and support. He is always there for words of support and encouragement, especially when I am having a bad day! He is there through it all (so is my mom but today is for dad!). I am so blessed to have him in my life and he works his tail off for our family and he loves what he does. He has given me every thing I have dreamed of and has taught me the value of hard work. If you want to meet a hard worker, talk to a farmer.

When I first interviewed with my company a year ago, my boss asked me "what motivates you?" (we ask all of our candidates this question and usually its "money" or "my kids" or "success."). My answer was "my dad" and I started crying. My boss asked if I had ever really told him that and I said "no," so I immediately called him to tell him! 

He has one of the busiest and most important jobs and made it to every single one of my sports games in high school. He never missed them (and the one time he did my brother had a concussion hah). 

Happy Father's Day, to my favorite!
high school graduation

3 generations 

parents cocktail

gotta give all the men some love

truly a daddy's girl

wofford homecoming

wofford graduation
And I can't forget my 2 wonderful grandfathers!! They are so great and I am SO thankful to still have them both in my life! Pop Pop still goes to work every day at age 82 and loves his dog!

Pop Pop
 Grandaddy is a retired surgeon and loves working in his yard and Habitat for Humanity.


 So lucky to have all of these great guys in my life!

And Mr. Ken (Tyler's dad) must get some love, too! I truly am blessed.

Happy Father's Day to all my favorite men and to those single moms (like my sweet coworker) who act as a mom and a dad!

Ta ta,


Whitney said...

Your dad is so adorable! Our high school graduation robes matched :)

Stephen said...

Really enjoyed this post! My old man‘s a farmer too, and he‘s one of those men who just can‘t be idle. I love that, at 71, he still seems to look forward to whatever the next day will bring.