Thursday, June 21, 2012


I am so excited because I am going home next weekend! I haven't been home since Easter and I am thrilled! Tyler's brother, Cameron, is in a wedding in Charleston, so the majority of my short weekend will be there! It's wedding season, obviously.

Now that I don't really dress up for work anymore (thank goodness because I do love throwing on shorts and an easy top OR jeans and a top and flip flops), I never buy fun dresses, unless I have plans to go to a wedding!

I started looking at some dresses online last weekend that I would love to have. I ordered a few and really didn't have too much luck (yet), but if everything fit me and I had an unlimited budget, these are what I would buy...

more than vine
marbelized marvel
can beryl-y wait

don't be alarmed

lucky streak
bodice maxi dress
fushia petal frock

scalloped etiquette dress

coral sea dress
I could take them all. Too bad two out of the three dresses I ordered for some reason won't let me copy the picture, only zoom in. Maybe one will work and you will see pictures soon!

Ta ta!


Taylor said...

cute dress options!!! have a great weekend :)

taylorlsteele said...

Love that maxi dress!

Stephen said...

Awesome that you'll be able to get back to SC for a bit! Is your home district near to Charleston?