Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I'm Loving

Things I'm loving today/this week!

Linking up with Jamie!

International Delight Iced Mocha
I love this stuff. I'm so tired of making coffee in the mornings and hopefully this will help my teeth stay whiter than drinking regular coffee.

Sleep Cycle App
This is my actualy sleep from last night. I believe in this app because I usually remember when I wake up at night . It is so accurate! Do you have this app?

 My new cross-body bag from TJ Maxx ($15!!!!)
I've been looking for the perfect cross-body back for a while and BAM, thank you TJ!!


E-cards on Pinterest
Seriously, these things crack me up. I do eat a Lean Cuisine everyday and I can agree to this. There are the funniest e-cards out there!

I'm also loving (no pictures necessary):
Thank you emails at work from people
My office manager's editing my work & typos (so happy for that)
Pandora to try to stay productive
Text messages to old friends
The fact that I didn't have to have my wisdom teeth out today (my brother did, poor thing)
Twitter/blog friends

I'm not loving:
Stories about car accidents and deaths as as result at home..
Sinus infections
The creepy man at the park who is starting to stalk me. He's like 80 and super creepy. Do you follow me on Twitter? I usually tweet about him everyday at 1:45 pm (central time).
My gross split ends

What are you loving (or not loving) today??

Ta ta,


Megan said...

I seriously love all of these things. That cross body is absolutely adorable, I need to find this iced coffee somewhere and someecards always brighten my day. Only two more days til Friday!!

Amy G. said...

Ummm...that iced coffee sounds delish! I'm going to need to try and find it. Something cool in the mornings is necessary for summertime! Loving all your loves :) Happy Wednesday sweet girl!