Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Letters + exciting news!


Dear sinus infection, please go away. We have guests coming tonight and I need to feel better! Dear friends coming tonight,  I can't to see you and have a doggie play date! Sorry in advance for not feeling well. Dear work, thanks for finally letting up and being nice to me. These placements recently really make me happy! Dear rain, please come to Illinois. We REALLY need you and the corn is so thirsty! Dear Sarge, please stop shedding. I sweep the floor daily because your black hair gets everywhere! Dear Dad, Happy Father's Day weekend! Sorry I am not there to celebrate. Dear July 29, HURRY UP!! I am ready to go homeeeee!! Dear blog friends, I really love ya'll. I love my in real life friends, but I really appreciate the love and support I have gotten while blogging!

Dear best childhood friend Caroline, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!! Caroline and I have been best friends since kindergarten and she is getting married to her boyfriend of 7 years!

circa 1999.. go ahead... make fun!

He proposed last night at the lake on their anniversary.  I will take ALL the credit for convincing him to "ask her out" in high school. He had been at my house earlier and I told him he just needed to bite the bullet and do it! And now look- they are engaged!! Here's the text I got:

She had called me in the midst of making dinner and I missed the call but immediately knew what it was about!! YAY!

The beautiful ring!

Dear nap today, you were awesome. All 4 hours of you! Dear weekend, thanks for being here! Dear 5k tomorrow, be nice! Don't think I'll be pushing too hard considering I feel terrible, but its for a good cause!

Happy Weekend!


Whitney said...

Good luck tomorrow! I still can't believe you've been so awesome about running. I wish I could do that... congrats to your friend on her engagement!! That's so exciting!!

Haley said...

It sounds like you have such a fun weekend! Start feeling better and CONGRATULATIONS to your friend! That is so, so exciting.

Raquel said...

Awww congrats to your friend!! That's so exciting!

Stephen said...

Big congratulations to your friend! And the best of luck with running the 5K. Weirdly, I seem to find that running when when you're sick actually makes you feel better. Maybe it just demoralises the germs ("God, we aren't even making a dent! Let's go attack someone else's immune system...)

Claire said...

What a cute text you received from your friend!!! And I feel ya on the nap. Monday I had an interview at 10:30 but was so nervous/excited that I woke up at like 6 am and as soon as I got home I had lunch and slept from 2:15 until Mr C got home from work around 5! Best nap of my life!