Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipe

I was SO excited about the ice cream cake that I made Tyler for his birthday yesterday! He isn't a big cake fan, but he does love an ice cream cake!

This was such an easy backe to make! I found the recipe on Pinterest, duh, and it lead me to Gwen's-Nest!

I just realized that I am not very good with sizes-- I couldn't figure out why I needed 3- 1/2 gallons of ice cream!! Actually, it calls for 3 pints. Duh, Charlotte.. Oh well, now I have tons of leftover ice cream!


Springform pan (I guess you can use whatever type of pan you want but this was easy)
1 box crushed oreos (I did it in a ziploc)
Splash of milk (to get a good consistency for the oreos)
1 box of ice cream sandwiches (I used all but 3 of the box)
3 PINTS ice cream (Oops) whatever flavor you like!
Sprinkles, chocolate syrup, toppings!

Crush oreos + add milk.
Mold to bottom of pan with the side of the pan in place. Use pam all around so crust doesn't stick.
Cut up ice cream sandwiches in 1/4s and place them around edges.
Freeze to get the crust nice and hard!
Add your ice cream in whatever fashion you want!
Freeze and/or add toppings.


Our sweet friend Sabra who is deaf helped me light the candles and blow out the candles. She is so sweet and just loves Tyler!! (who doesn't!?)

He had a great 25th complete with ice cream cake and beer. Doesn't every 25 year old want that? Oh, and he got some new running shoes... Hint, hint, Tyler, time to start running with your girlfriend! :-)

Ta ta,

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Claire said...

Oh my word YUMMM! Please come to VA and make this for me! I'll just have a fake birthday haha!