Friday, December 9, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is Lily

Today I found out the saddest news ever.  My best friend, aka my little white diva named Lily has been missing for over a month.... and no one in my family (or my boyfriend who knew) told me. I am so sad that I don't even know what to do. Lily was always waiting on me every afternoon when I got home from work (see photo of her in front of my house below). She was my little pal and always made me happy. When I moved, she sat on my luggage because she knew I was leaving (see picture). Though I annoyed the hell out of her, she was still my little friend. And now she's gone. And I am 12 hours from home. I keep beating myself up saying if I hadn't moved, she'd still be there, sitting on the coffee table or on my mom's lap like she did every night (see pic).

We live out in the country, and growing up I have had a bunch of cats (yes,  I know I'm weird), but I have had Lily since I graduated from high school and every time I came home from college I would look forward to seeing her. And then I moved away. And I asked my mom tonight how my little girl was and my mom danced around my question.

Last week I had this strange feeling so I texted my brother asking, Hows Lil? Have you seen her lately. All he said was.. "yeah." That triggered my questions, but I have kind of let it go because I have been so busy with work and out of town. Then tonight I asked mom and got a strange answer. Then I called my dad, knowing he couldn't lie to me. He said he hadn't seen her in about 10 days.... Mom then told me it had been more like a month. Awesome. Now I am looking forward to going home for Christmas... No Lily.

Sorry for the depressing post, I just had to somehow express my feelings about my sadness losing my little friend. My poor mom has done everything to find her- ask our neighbors, search the house, call friends to see if they know anything. She even went to the pet store to find a new kitten and call the family I got her from, but they had no white cats. I love white cats. I always have. Guess I will be asking for a new Lily for Christmas. Maybe now Tyler will give into me getting a cat... Maybe :)

Enjoy my photo shoot of my little Diva!

Do you know where to get a new white kitten?

Ta ta,


ryann said...

Char!!! I am so sorry and so had to hear about Lily! :( Sending good vibes your way! Love you!

Cori H. said...

Awww I'm so sorry to hear about your Lily! She's a beautiful cat! On a good note, one of my cats that I had when I was little ran away for about a month and then came home. There's always hope! :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

so sorry girl! I know how you feel..I had the exact same thing happen to me a couple years back with the kitty I grew up with..he just "disappeared"... I think someone stole him :( thinking of you..hopefully you'll get a new little fluff ball for Christmas :)

Rebecca said...

So sad, Char! I'm so sorry! I can bring Soph over to jump all over you when you get home! :) She loves you almost as much as Lily loves you! Love you, miss you! xoxo