Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas List

Finally a few minutes to blog!

I am so sad I have been so busy lately to blog. Hope my readers haven't forgotten about me! Work has just gotten crazy and traveling has made it difficult to do the smallest things like clean my room, go grocery shopping, pay bills (eek!), Christmas shop, and BLOG! I'm excited to have a free weekend this weekend to get some things done. I am really looking forward to making some Christmas goodies for friends in my new town!

For the time being, here are a couple of things I have been eyeing for Christmas. I know my family has started to read my blog and I'm sure my mom is rolling her eyes that I am doing this, but lots of bloggers have shared theirs, so why don't I share mine!

1. The first thing on my list is a pair of Uggs. I have had a fake Target pair for a couple of years and loved them even though they constantly fell off of my feet and were so worn out! I treated myself to an early Christmas gift last weekend. I think that I need (deserve, HAVE TO HAVE) these once snow season gets up and going. Luckily we haven't had more than a small flurry yet!

2. This cute Scout bag! I love Scout things and with all of my traveling, I think this would be perfect!

3.  New Bean Boots! I have had a pair of Cabela ankle duck boots and they have never been comfortable, but I have toughed it out. They are also short so walking through snow would be difficult. I was told by my elf that they are sold out, but I am hoping that was a trick!

4. Marley Lilly gift certificate. What girl doesn't want this for Christmas!

5. These Swell Caroline earrings. Not sure where I would wear them, but I want to find out!

6. Kindle! Need to get back into reading, and this will help!

What are you asking for for Christmas?

Ta ta,


Megan said...

1. Make sure you get some ugg protectant so they make it through the snows! I almost ruined a pair of mine sloshing in them one time :) I love Scout bags and my bean boots as well! And I adore those Swell Caroline earrings and I think every girl could use some Marley Lilly swag... great list!!!

Cori H. said...

Love your list! I want a Scout bag also. It looks like it would be perfect for traveling!

Victoria said...

nice list :) cute earrings!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

love you list a few of these things are def on mine too :)