Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Love

Today is the day that my best friend is getting married! I am thrilled to be a part of Rebecca and Tripp's special day! This weekend has already been a blast and I am so excited to bring in 2012 with two of my favorite people!

I have been through a lot with Becca and we have been best friends since I was in the 7th grade. We have endured many hours of basketball practice, watching Dr. Phil, talking about boys, fashion, and everything else in between. She is a wonderful friend and has been super supportive during my move! She was the friend who threw me a surprise going away party! Tripp is so wonderful as well. He never complained when I was the 3rd wheel with them which was a lot! We have many fun times together in Columbia cheering on the Gamecocks and usually getting in trouble downtown!

I am so happy Rebecca found such a wonderful man to marry and I am so honored to be part of their celebration.

I love you both!

Side note: Rebecca is one of my best followers of my blog and is so supportive of my crazy blog! Isn't she beautiful! Cannot wait to share pictures of the gorgeous bride tomorrow!

Happy 2012 and Happy Wedding Day Mr. and Mrs. Tripp Love. Yeesh, I have anxiety saying that!

8th grade throwback... can you find us?

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Cori H. said...

Happy wedding day to your best friend! :)

Rebecca said...

Catching up, sweet friend! Thank you for all the shout outs! You know, you're my favorite blog! I love you!!!