Thursday, December 15, 2011

Work Travels

In lieu of blogging, I have been traveling for work! I am home now and will fill you in on my adventures...

Trip #1:

Last week I was in Kansas City for a little bit of training for work. It was SO cold!Because I was able to drive down to KC, I was deemed the "DD" into the city one night. Remember: I am from the country, live in the country, and have never driven in a "big city" before. I successfully made it into the city with my tahoe FULL of people! Success.

Country Club Plaza

We went to Country Club Plaza, which is a cute little area of shopping, bars, and restaurants. Lucky for me, most of the stores were closed so I was only able to window shop. We went to the bar at Houston's for a quick drink before dinner at Tomfooleries where a guy in my group's friend and his band were playing. I was really hungry by 9 and was up for eating anything...

This is what I ordered:

Peanut Butter Chicken Salad
Yes, you are reading that correctly. I HAD to try it. I must say, it wasn't terrible, but I wouldn't ever recommend it to anyone. Peanut butter + honey mustard dressing = strange combo. I also took off the onions and tomatoes, don't worry. Anyways, interesting choice. Learned my lesson. Peanut butter should only go on sandwiches, not chicken.

Trip #2:

Chicago! I can't believe I have been living in Illinois for almost 6 weeks and last weekend was my FIRST trip to the Windy City! It wasn't as awesome as I had hoped, only because I was cooped up in the Marriott with no internet and stuck talking to old men at the National Grain and Feed Association County Elevator Conference and Trade Show. Exciting, right? Sure. Except for the fact that our hotel was on the corner of Michigan Ave and Ohio St = PERFECT SHOPPING!

The first thing I saw when we drove in was Bloomingdales.... and then Nordstrom... and I was stuck wearing my eggplant work buttonup and danskos and feeling oh-so-not-cute!! My boss finally gave me permission to sneak out for the afternoon to do some shopping. I was so happy to get out and feel like a female! I only ended up with one purchase: a feathery belt for my dress for Rebecca's rehearsal dinner in.. umm.. 2 WEEKS! Can't believe it.

Anyways, I survived my travels and am glad to have a normal weekend. Taking away two of my Sundays two weeks in a row was cruel! I have plans this weekend to do Christmas baking, watch movies, and pack because I AM GOING HOME A WEEK FROM TOMORROW! Can you tell I'm excited?

Happy Almost Friday!

Ta ta,


Victoria said...

glad you survived your travels!!

it would have been funny to see each other in chicago last weekend tho :)

have a safe trip home for christmas!

Claire said...

Excited for you that you get to go home soon for Christmas!!! Your travels look awesome- I loved reading about them bc I have never been off the East Coast (except Tennessee, which hardly counts)! Thanks for commenting on my bloggie the other day! Can't wait to keep reading!! :)

Cori H. said...

I can't imagine peanut butter on chicken. After reading your review, I don't think I'll be trying it any time soon! :)

I love the belt!