Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Green Babies

Today, Tyler and I went to visit our friends, Josh and Heather [Green], who recently had twin baby girls! Josh and Heather were Tyler's first friends when he came to Illinois a year and a half ago for his internship. They have been especially good to him and I am so thankful for that. Josh works with Tyler and Heather is a veterinarian; therefore, we call her a lot asking questions about Sarge!

I got to know Heather and Josh when we went on a couple's canoe trip in Indiana this summer with the rest of the 300 rednecks in the state. Something about rednecks + beer + canoeing + sun = a good time.

Anyways, in November, Josh and Heather had twin baby girls, Hailey and Lily. Tyler and I made a trip to Babies R Us today to get them a present (and oh my goodness that was a terrible decision... Toys R Us/Babies R Us the weekend before Christmas is INSANE!). Tyler was such a good sport... Definitely out of his comfort zone buying diapers (something I have never done before either)!

We had a great little visit with the babies and their parents and I even convinced Ty that we should take a pic!

He's thrilled.

What a special time in Josh and Heather's lives... So glad we could be a part of it!

Ta ta,


Cori H. said...

So precious! :)

Victoria said...

these is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby!

ryann said...

bahaha I am dying. Tyler is such a natural. You are so cute. Miss you!

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

Oh my gah! I just burst out laughing! I love Tyler's expression! Love the picture!