Saturday, December 3, 2011

So This is Christmas

Happy Saturday!

As of today, it finally feels like Christmas season! Tyler and I did all of the necessary errands and decorating to make his house look Christmasy! Thanks to those of you who commented on a post over Thanksgiving about my concern about the lack of Christmas decorations! I somehow pulled it together!

Here are some snapshots of Christmas in IL!

(Apology for the blurriness of my pictures. My camera has been crummy lately!)

Our tree... Somehow our ornaments multiplied! Special ornaments: my palmetto tree, Tyler's Clemson hat, white cat for me, tractor for Tyler, flamingo for me, Tyler's duck hunting ornaments, a couple of balls and presents, a 2011 ornament, and our favorite- a 2010 ornament his mom gave us for Christmas because that was the year we met!

O Christmas Tree!

Excuse the TV, Clemson is playing (Go Tigers! [Sorry Rebecca]). Our mantle with stockings and tons of GLITTER berries. We had glitter everywhere!

Front of the house! Thinking I'll change the bow to solid red.

Glitter- see it? Tyler wasn't very happy with me! Whoops!

How are you decorating for Christmas?

Ta ta,

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Rebecca said...

Aw Char! Everything looks awesome! You did such a great job! Ugh, on the Clemson! I'm sure Tyler was pumped! Love you, miss you! xoxo