Thursday, December 29, 2011

5 Rounds of Christmas!

For my family, Christmas is such a big deal and a very long and drawn out process, yet so fun!

Here is a photo recap of the Perrow/Frierson Christmas 2011!

Christmas Eve (no pictures, whoops):
  • Christmas Eve church (mom and I went to her family church instead of ours because it is beautiful!). Got to see some old friends from high school AND college!
  • Dinner at my house: shrimp & grits, sausage, "puddin," eggs, rolls, dessert
  • Dad's immediate family (Mimi & Pop Pop, Aunt Peggy & Uncle Moss, Stewart, Adam & Stacey, & my family)
Christmas Morning (no pictures again, too early):
  • Moravian Sugar Cake (yum) & coffee
  • Santa's stocking (I got a necklace, some hand warmers, and some jewelry cleaner)
  • Presents from our family (Mom, Dad, John & Me)
  • My favorite gift was my KINDLE and I am SO excited!
Christmas Lunch:
  • Turkey, dressing, rice & gravy, mac & cheese, sweet potato suffle, oyster pie, asparagus casserole,  ham, cranberry relish
  • Mom's family: there are 16 of us and also Mary Loyal and Luci's grandmother!
  • Got lots of fun kitchen stuff from Aunts and Uncles!
Frierson Christmas

Frierson Christmas- Cousins

Christmas Dinner:
  • More food than you can ever imagine
  • About 27 of us: My Dad's side (so 11 of us) + my great aunt & uncles family (like 15 of them!) and they have little ones! 
  • Kids all get gifts- it got very, very loud!


Perrow Family

Perrow Cousins

  • The adults did a Christmas exchange and I got this candle... There is a huge joke about this candle now because I couldn't figure out that it was a reindeer....

Dad + Brother + Me

Cute Cousins!

Day after Christmas:
  • Shrimp creole + Christmas dinner leftovers
  • My dad's immediate family and Stewart's girlfriend, Betsy!
  • Can you believe all of the presents under MiMi's tree? That lady loves Christmas more than anyone else in the universe!! Loves, loves, loves and she is SO generous!!
For 12 people!

Pop Pop + Gifts
  • MiMi loves to give the girls matching things, so we HAD to get a picture of our silliness..

Stew and Bets

So, there you have it! My Christmas in a nutshell!! Hope you all had very lovely Christmases!

Ta ta,

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Claire said...

Shrimp and grits seems like THE PERFECT Christmas Eve meal! Might have to make that a tradition for my children one day! Love these pictures, and I'm glad your Christmas was so wonderful!