Monday, June 3, 2013

wedding #4 of 2013: rachel and ct

Rachel and CT have been friends of mine for many years!! I grew up going to school with CT and then when Rachel moved to our hometown, she quickly became a friend of mine, too!

They got married in my new town this past weekend, a place special to both of them. My parents were able to come down and stay at our house for the first time, so it was a great weekend!

Fun wedding cake and pictures of the bride and groom's parents on their wedding days.

Mr. and Mrs. York's first dance

I love that I was able to capture this moment! Rachel is a fabulous singer and as we were listening to their first dance "If I Didn't Have You" by Thompson Square, we realized SHE had recorded herself singing. CT realized it right after we did and his face is priceless. It was such a sweet moment.

Such a beautiful bride!

I cannot believe Baby Love will be here in 6 weeks!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't Rebecca look amazing!?

Dad and Ty

Ty and my Aunt Peggy

Pretty bride in her mom's wedding dress as her getaway dress. Loved it.

It was a FUN night and I loved being there!

Sadly, I had to miss my ZTA big's wedding, and I am constantly stalking Facebook for pictures of her day.

Stole this pic off of Instagram!

Love you Bae!

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Whitney H said...

oh my gosh, she sang it herself! that's amazing! so sweet.