Sunday, June 2, 2013

meal planning help

Hi there, long time, no talk friends- sorry!

Quick post for some help. I am the world's worst at meal planning. I just returned from buying groceries and I am sitting on the sofa thinking, HELP! I don't know what do to for dinner this week? Since I have started working, I've had zero motivation to cook anything at all. I really don't know what we've eaten the past few weeks!

I need your help to:

Tell me your meal plan each week & how you go about it
Grocery list
Favorite blogs or websites (obviously Pinterest) with healthy food and recipes
Some of your favorite easy week-night recipes!

I just found this recipe and want to try it this week:

Kat Eats' Shrimp and Zucchini Pasta

The thing is, there are certain foods I don't love. For example: tomatoes, avacados, peppers, spicy, mayo just to name a few. Other than that, we aren't super picky! We have easy access to all kinds of seafood and would love to have some of those recipes, too! We also have a freezer of deer meat I'd love to cook if I could find something to make it taste less like "wild game."

Also, would anyone but up for some sort of newlywed recipe link-up? I don't even know how to begin one, but would love a way to network to find easy, quick, and healthy week-night recipes. Who's in? Comment or email me!!! 

Thank you, thank you, and have a great week!!!


Shannon Hodges said...

Char!! What sort of venison do yall have?? Any hamburger meat?? I use it for EVERYTHING you would use regular hamburger for, spaghetti, lasagna, even tacos! Coleman has a great marinade for loins on the grill too -- SO delicious!

Whitney H said...

I LOVE THE LINK-UP IDEA! In fact, I'll help you host it if you want! :)

My meal planning comes from E-meals, Shrinking Kitchen, and Skinnytaste. Shrinking Kitchen sends out a weekly meal plan that's a great way to get started. Here's what I made for dinner tonight:

my favorite recipe that I make is this:

I hope this helps! Feel free to email me back and I can send you more. It took a few months for me to get my meal planning down to a science but now I'm finally there!

Brianna Tucker said...

Ahh I love meal planning. Its my favorite part of the week. I use Skinny Taste and Budget Bytes.

I have a ton of healthy go to recipies but alot of them are gluten free but you could just put the gluten alternative in it like regular pasta or bread crumbs etc. I am just going to email you!

megan said...

I literally just got finished doing our meal plan for the week. I have separate boards on Pinterest for Recipes I Want to Try, and Recipes I've Tried and Loved. I usually click through those and see what catches my eye, also thinking about what's in my freezer. Skinnytaste is also one of my favorite sites for healthy, yummy recipes!

Julie said...

I'm not a newlywed, but I'm newly cohabitating and I would love to do a recipe link up! I'm AWFUL at meal planning too- I spend way too much money and stuff gets thrown out. I think it's a great idea!

Lauren said...

I love love love meal planning. I know most people do it on Sundays, but I actually do on Wednesday when the grocery ads come out :) I think it saves some money! I only do weds, thurs, fri - and then i usually plan A weekend meal, but never specify when we'll have it, so if the urge to be spontaneous strikes, it's no biggie. I also plan the following weeks mon and tues meal. I love Skinnytaste too! I'll email you recipes :)

Ashley W said...

Stir fry recipes are the best for busy week nights when you haven't planned anything! They also use up so much of the leftovers that they're definitely efficient as well!!