Wednesday, June 12, 2013

happy birthday tyler!

Today is my husband's 26th birthday! I seriously feel like we just celebrated his 25th while living in Illinois.

I cannot believe we are almost at our 3 month anniversary AND our engageaversary on June 29-- WOW! It just doesn't feel real that we are married. We have been so busy the past few weeks and it's not getting any slower, but hopefully tonight we can take some time to just chill out, watch a movie, and just enjoy each other. Maybe even go on a little walk with our pup (who is definitely 110% again for those of you following along his pancreatitis disaster!).

I know he doesn't read my blog (he thinks its silly), so I can give you the scoop on his birthday gift-- a framed map of Beaufort and the surrounding areas from me (he LOVES maps) and crab pots from my parents. We are truly embracing our salt-water living!


Since I've been sharing our wedding pictures on Wednesday, I figured it was only appropriate to show off our "newlywed session" from our wedding day! I'll resume next week in order!

We were giggling at the gangster who kept trying to get in our pictures! #OrangeburgsFinest

This is the sister car to the Rolls Royce that my parents left their wedding in in 1981! The family has both cars and were so sweet to drive us to our reception in it. It was quite tiiiiiny in the back for two newlyweds with long legs!

Love this picture of my bouquet!

And his boutonniere. 

I ADORE this picture! Thank you Sara!

 We don't really do serious well. Silly is more us (see first top picture)!

So fun!!!
And Brad, our chauffeur is a long-time family friend!

Love this shot! So classic!

Happy 26th, Tyler. 
I love you so much and am honored to call you my husband. Here's to making 26 the best year yet! xo


Amanda aka Manda said...

I absolutely love these pictures of you guys! So happy and so in love. Happy birthday to your hubby.

Nicole said...

Love all of your sweet pictures!!! Happy Birthday to your Tyler!!!

Lauren said...

Happy birthday to Tyler! And embracing the salt water living is the ONLY way to go :)

Lindsay B. said...

Love these photos! Sara did my senior portraits many moons ago in high school and I think she is hands down the best photog in SC. She did a fabulous job on your wedding photos! Happy Birthday to Tyler!

In the Pink said...

Love these!!! Especially the ones with the car! Happy 26th to Tyler!

Megan said...

We don't do serious either :). Happy happy birthday Tyler!!!

megan said...

These are all SO great!

elizalouise.bell said...

Such cute pictures! Happy 26th to Tyler! I just turned 26 and it doesn't suck yet! lol

Raquel said...

I love all the pictures!! Absolutely gorgeous!

Whitney H said...

Your bouquet looks like mine!! So pretty. Happy b-day Tyler!

P.S. LOVE that pic of you two in front of the car holding hands!