Monday, June 10, 2013

pretty place setting

Last week I had my friend Luci (see her blog HERE) over for dinner while she was home from DC in Beaufort for the week. It was great to catch up with her since I hadn't seen her since... uh graduation (is that right!?). We were finally able to use our fine china and I was so excited to entertain our guest!

Like a true blogger, I had to document the set table. 

Can you tell I really like blue?

I picked up these napkins while at Pottery Barn in Charleston using a wedding gift card and thought they were so colorful and fun!

Seriously, I love blue.

Hate my orchid didn't make the pic- it is really pretty and a pinkish-yellowish color.

This table is the one we stripped and painted ourselves last year.

Luckily my Hobby Lobby fabric on my chairs matched my table decor perfectly!

Find the table items below:

Placemats: Pottery Barn
Napkins: Pottery Barn
Napkin rings: Bed Bath and Beyond
Wine glasses: Tamara Childs
Flatware: Cellini
Chargers: Mottahedeh
Coasters: Pier 1
Beverage glasses: Bed Bath and Beyond 
(sadly my glasses matching my wine glasses haven't arrived yet!)


Kate @ Daffodils said...

I love your china!

Katherine Rebecca said...

love your china!! I'm such a fan of blue too, and the napkins are adorable!!

Megan said...

Love the napkins and your china! We both love blue - I am trying not to decorate our whole house in head to toe blue!

Nicole said...

So cute!!! I LOVE setting the table so much!

Molly @ Sweet Carolina Wife said...

SO pretty!! How fun is it to set your table with all of your new wedding gifts?? Three years later, and I still get so excited to do it!

Luci said...

Thanks for the shout out! Loved seeing you!!

Megan said...

Love the table setting! Makes me anxious to have my own house and host a dinner party some day! :) just found your blog through instagram - don't you love technology?! Ha! Can't wait to read more!

Laura Darling said...

You set a beautiful table! I bet it's fun to eat a meal there! :)