Tuesday, June 18, 2013

from our kitchen to yours: recipe link-up

I am SO EXCITED to be hosting my very first link-up with Whitney from The Observant Turtle.

We chat a lot about dinner time and thought it would be really fun to start a collection of blogger recipes from some of our favorite friends!

It's really simple and really hope you came prepared with a recipe! If not, you really have all week until the link-up is closed next Tuesday.

Feel free to add the button to your post and sidebar!

From Our Kitchen To Yours
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Last week I really tried to start meal planning. It was semi-successful except we got asked to dinner with friends last minute on Tuesday and then Tyler decided he wanted steak rather than shrimp for his birthday on Wednesday. Since I had already bought the ingredients (except for the shrimp) for the shrimp dish, I turned our dinner into:

Chicken and avocado quesadillas

I honestly kind of threw this together after seeing a similar picture on Pinterest last week while planning our weekly meals. Megan and Alexa as well as Brianna inspired me to start incorporating avocado into our diet. It isn't my FAVORITE, but added into a recipe like this I can handle it!!!

3 chicken breasts, brushed with BBQ sauce (I used Sweet Baby Rays that was in our fridge) and grilled
2 avocados sliced (is that the technical term?)
1 tomato sliced
2 handfuls of cheese of your choice (I used mild cheddar from the fridge) and one handful goes on each tortilla
2 tortillas (sadly I only had two handy)
1 onion covered in butter and grilled in aluminum foil (Tyler's favorite)
Sour cream and salsa on the side if desired

Prepare ingredients and grill chicken
Cook onion (definitely optional or you don't even have to cook it)
Heat panini maker. If you don't have one, you could use a pan and your stovetop, BUT I highly recommend a Cuisinart panini maker. We use it a lot!! It is about $40 from Bed Bath and Beyond.
Spray Pam on top and bottom of the griddle so the tortilla doesn't stick.
Press as long as you desire to brown the quesadilla


This week on tap I have planned:
Monday: Grilled chicken salad with corn and blueberries (fresh from Perrow Farms!!)
Wednesday: Taco stuffed shells
Friday: Usually a Mexican night or take out!

Hope you will link-up with us. Feel free to add snacks, desserts, breakfast, lunch, or dinner posts! If this is successful we can make it a weekly thing. Can't wait to try your favorite recipes!

If you have any problems linking up email me HERE or comment below. Also, add the title of your recipe to the link-up to make it easier for readers to find yummy recipes!

Thanks for sharing!!


Amanda aka Manda said...

This looks amazing! I hope to join in next week with a recipe!!

Whitney said...

We're BBQ sauce twins :) This looks soooo yummy!

Shauna Smart said...

Just found your blog and saw that you were having a link party so I linked up a few of my recipes :) I also put your party button on my parties page [ http://thebestblogrecipes.com/link-parties/submit-your-link-party-information-here ] if you want to stop by and check it out.

Thanks for hosting!

Shauna @ The Best Blog Recipes

Megan said...

These look delish! I suppose I should start cooking, which might lead to blogging, which would let me link up ;)

megan said...

That quesadilla looks/sounds amazing! For some reason, I would have never thought of putting bbq sauce in it!

Lindsey said...

Such a fun link up. I'm kind of a dummy and entered my blog title instead of the recipe...I don't know if you can edit it or not, but feel free to! I'm so sorry!!

Thanks for hosting! Can't wait to try out some new recipes.

Caitlin C. said...

Oh my goodness, yummm! I happen to love avocado!!

Ashley W said...

This is so great, Charlotte! I'm so excited that so many people linked up -- I'm definitely adding some of these recipes to my "try" list!