Tuesday, June 4, 2013

meeting {av}

After about 9 months of dating long distance with Tyler, I began this blog when it was "From Carolina Cotton to Illinois Corn." I had googled websites that gave advice for dating long distance, and I came across Long Distance Loving. At the time, {av} was featuring couples who were dating long distance, and I read every word that each couple wrote, praying that soon I would move 800 miles away to Illinois to be with Tyler. We knew we would eventually get married, and my parents and I agreed I needed to "date him" in a real life situation before that day came.

I bookmarked her blog and ready daily, clicking around and finding other blogs. I emailed {av}, telling her I was dating someone long distance and thanked her for her candidness and for her blog. She responded and I was almost star-strucken. I couldn't believe I got a response from someone who I thought was "so cool!" I also never imagined I would have the opportunity to meet her in real life. After a few months of reading her, I took the plunge began this blog in August. I had NO idea what I was doing, but I tried my best.

Then I found Lacey after I won a giveaway of hers (the best giveaway I have EVER won and I carry that handbag every day). My friends Mary and Mary Loyal had blogs that I also read everyday that helped me find local South Carolina blogs. Once I got my blog going, I really started to get into it. I have met some WONDERFUL ladies and am so thankful for their {online} friendship. Some I have been fortunate to meet in real life (ShannonWhitney and Megan) and there are some I am really looking forward to meeting in the future (Megan, Megan, Emily, Jamie, and gosh there are so, so, so many more!).

But, this past weekend I was able to meet the girl who was my blogging inspiration, Alison. You see, we have been in the same place at the same time about four times now. I was in Providence, Rhode Island where she lives last September for my brother and sister-in-law's wedding. We were going to meet up, but because I didn't have a car there, it was really hard to get away! We've also missed each other in airports, usually Indy where her parents live and where Tyler and I would fly into when we live in Illinois.

This weekend she was in my new town for a wedding and I was going to make sure I could meet her this time no matter what! After communicating via some emails and social media, I was able to meet her in a fun bar, Q on Bay, on Bay Street after both of our weddings. Tyler thought I was absolutely nuts! He hasn't quite figured out this whole blogging thing and was a little weary of me meeting a "stranger" without him while he went and got the car. I convinced him it was OK and that there would be people we knew in the bar.

I walked to the back of the bar and we both looked at each other and yelled, "HEY!" I gave her a huge hub (multiple times) and told her how happy I was to finally meet her. Creepy? No. Of course we had to snap a picture like good bloggers. I literally only had five minutes with her, but I can assure you all she is just as sweet and wonderful in person as she is on her blog. So genuine and was almost shell-shocked when I confessed that she was my blogging inspiration.  But it is so very true!

Loved meeting you and hope you enjoyed your South Carolina vacation! Y'all if you ever get the chance to meet {av}, do it. If you ever get an opportunity to meet someone who inspires you, do it! 

I'm so thankful for those who inspire me and to put my story out there on my blog! Hugs to all of my new {virtual} friends!


Raquel said...

That's so awesome!! Isn't she the sweetest?! I got to meet her 2 years ago when she hosted an event here in DC!

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

ohmygoodness. tears. thanks for that ;) SO SO GOOD to meet you, my love. thank YOU for being one of the reasons I continue you blogging. your heart makes my heart so so happy. I will be back in SC--don't you worry! love you to pieces. xoxo {av}

Whitney H said...

Aw, that's so exciting that you got to meet her, even if it was only a few minutes. Thank you so much for including me lovely! The link is broken though; that's my old one! :( it's www.theobservantturtle.com. <3 love love love! We need to meet up again SOON.

megan said...

What a sweet post! I had the pleasure of meeting Alison a couple of years ago in Charleston with a few other Charleston bloggers and she was the sweetest! Can't wait for the day that we meet! :)

Lacey in the City said...

You look adorable!! I love that I saw in one of your latest posts that you carried your bag to get ready for your wedding!!! xxoxo