Thursday, May 2, 2013

what's your daily routine?

As I look ahead to Monday and my first day on my new job, I'm having to examine my daily routine. Since I left my old job on December 18, I haven't had a set routine. 

December 19, we drove back to South Carolina for Christmas. Then it was Christmas, engagement parties, Tyler went back to Illinois to (secretly) finish work, I flew back out to pack his house, he put in his two weeks, and we moved. Just like that. 

But I haven't had a routine. When I was living at my parent's house, I went to the YMCA every morning for workout classes. I haven't joined the YMCA here yet, because I was holding out and luckily my new company gives us a membership (HOORAY!). 

So you can see, I really haven't had a real routine. Just packing, unpacking, organizing, cleaning, cooking, running, all of that fun stuff.

I need your help. What is your daily routine?

Here is my old one:
6:30ish - wake up, shower, get ready, have breakfast 
8- go to work
Noon- lunch
1-5 work
5- come home
TV shows
..... problem is, I don't know where and how to fit in the bottom three. They all incorporate spending time with Tyler, obviously.

Now my hours will be 8:30-5:30 with an hour lunch and I can finally come home for my lunch break! I am so pumped for that because I've always lived at least 20 minutes away from my job. Guess that will be my new time to blog!

Help me out!!! What does your day look like!?!?


Annie said...

Work out in the morning, it's the best!

Shannon Hodges said...

I wish I could go home for lunch!! I am usually up my 7am, sometimes earlier depending on if I showered the night before, etc, and I am always out of the door to work by 5 minutes after 8. At work by 8:30. I have an hour lunch that I sometimes don't take because I am too busy and I am outta here at 5pm! After 5 is always a mystery and varies from day to day.

Ashley W said...

Workout in the morning (for the summer) and then as it gets darker/chillier in the morning, switch it to after work! Maybe you can even get Tyler to go with you in the evening!

I have recently found that TV shows are much more fun to catch up on during a day off to fast forward through commercials, so I've been able to eliminate those from my nightly routine!

Cori @ Everyday Enchanted said...

I love being able to go home for lunch! I wasn't able to do that for the first couple of years. I agree with Ashley though. If you can, find some time to watch your shows on a day off. It will free up your schedule at night. I'm sure you'll find a good routine that works for you!

Lauren said...

I'm a big fan of routines, but with a job teaching middle schoolers my routines rarely stick around long:-)