Wednesday, May 22, 2013

wedding recap: luncheon

It's Wednesday already and I am not complaining! One day closer to a three-day weekend. HOORAY! 

I'm back with yet another wedding recap. After today I'll really get into the good stuff, which I am sure you are looking forward to.... but the parties and times leading up to the actual wedding are so important, too!

Today's is kind of short and sweet but maybe I'll be back with another recap later this week? No promise, but I will try. Blogging has kind of not been my #1 priority lately, but I appreciate all of you sticking around to read!

I didn't really have time to make pretty collages out of these photos, so I apologize that the post may go on forever!

Wedding day luncheon
Aunt Trudy's house
Hosted by my aunts
March 23, 2013

But first- a couple of snapshots of getting ready.

My hairdresser is amazing. I grew up going to school with Haley is she is one of the few people who can really manage my hair!

I'm pretty sure it had never been this curly. Ever.

Bridesmaids pre hair and makeup.

Pretty bridesmaids

Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers!

My cousin Ellen who lives in Philly.

My MIL, SIL and my SIL's mom!

Fabulous ladies from the north! They are all Heather's friends that made it down for the weekend.

Best Matron of Honor ever!

Delicious food!

Cousin Riley.

Today's the day! Today's the day!

My aunts who hosted the luncheon.

Frierson girl cousins.

Frierson ladies, except my mom who was MIA!

 My mom and MIL! Love them so much.

The luncheon was perfect for a quick bite before we all got ready for the big day! 

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Delta Daisies said...

What a fun party! Love your hair!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I love getting to see this little snipets into your big day! Keep them coming please!