Friday, May 17, 2013

friday five

{1} We have all of our wedding photos but I do not know where to begin to start sharing them!!! It is so overwhelming! What do y'all want to see!?!

{2} I finished my full second week of work today. I am so exhausted, but happy and really enjoying what I am doing. I'll be training for a LONG time, but I feel like I made a great career move. I have a great office and some hilarious coworkers, even a few girls my age which is awesome!

{3} My wedding diet and exercise came and went like Christmas. I felt awesome before the wedding and even the first few weeks we were getting settled. I feel like the past ten days I have felt disgusting, probably because I wasn't exercising and resting my knee. I've been running some this week and it is VERY hard to get back into!

{4} I feel like my blog has been doing a million different directions lately. Life, fashion, wedding, random things... I'd LOVE to know what you want to read and enjoy. Do you like more IRL things? More products? More pictures of my husband and dog? Tell me, tell me!!

 {5} I decided to do a little different spin on this week's #Friday'sFancies stripes theme!

Casual, yet dressy summery, stripey outfit for today!


top // skirt // shoes // tote // necklace

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Happy Friday!!!!!!!!


Kristin said...

Any and all wedding pics :)

In the Pink said...

You look too cute in that wedding picture my friend! You were a gorgeous bride!

Nicole said...

Pick a "theme" for sharing your wedding pictures! I basically did mine in the order that we took them that day, but you can do things like "top 10 aspects about our wedding", details, couple shots, bridal party, etc. It really is SO much easier if you know how you are going to share them! I'll be honest and say I was really glad once I shared them all because it was so overwhelming and time consuming! Ha! I am DYING to see!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Can't wait to see more wedding pictures! You looked so gorgeous! Yay for liking your new job too!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your wedding pics! :) If it makes it easier (since you asked) try breaking them into categories. Ie: getting ready, first look (if you had one), ceremony, reception, details, formals, etc.

And since you asked, again... I love reading basically everything you blog about, but I'm more inclined to comment/truly be interested in the post when it's something I can relate to or IRL topics / pictures.

You looked beautiful in your wedding picture above!

Annie said...

I have been doing my wedding pictures in lots of different groupings - ie - Guys getting ready....girls getting ready....ceremony....

The picture of you that you shared is gorgeous!

And I love reading IRL stuff!

Delta Daisies said...

I LOVE that skirt!

Taylor said...

all wedding pics! post a ton!

Pearls Go With Everything said...

I absolutely love your veil! You are overflowing with joy in that shot you shared! I always love seeing outfit of the day posts from other preppy bloggers!

Whitney H said...

I love that photo of you! I wanna see all the pics from the wedding and a tour of the house now that y'all are officially hubby and wife!