Wednesday, May 8, 2013

wedding recap: rehearsal

It's time for another weekly wedding recap!

Friday, March 22
First Presbyterian Church

All of the wedding party arrived at the church at 5:45 to get started! 

L-R: Bridesmaids
 Me (obviously)
Stacey & John
Rebecca, me, Jack, Virginia

One of my favorite people and wonderful friends, Suiter took all of our pictures for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I really wanted to capture all of these fun moments, but not hire a crazy expensive photographer to do so. Suiter is trying to expand her portfolio, so this was a perfect time to do it! Plus, she knew a bunch of the people in the wedding party, and it made it fun for her!

I am so in love with our flowers. We used lots of palms since the day after the wedding was Palm Sunday. Other flowers include hydrangeas, tulips, roses, peach twigs, and of course cotton!!

Dad and Betsy (my cousin-to-be and stand-in bride). I asked Betsy to be the stand-in bride since she is getting married in November and this could be good practice for her!
Wedding directors and ushers did lots of practicing!

Snapshots of the church and flowers.

Wedding party
Jack, Kensley, Jeremy, Virginia
Tyler and me taking it all in

First Presbyterian Church is so gorgeous! My grandparents attend this church and I grew up singing in the choir here. I just love it.

I just love our wedding party!!
Ruthie and Matthew-- they were there the first day Tyler and I met so it was only appropriate to have them together in the wedding!
Kendall and Marc
Rebecca and Ken, our MOH and Best Man!

I believe that is it for the rehearsal pictures! Hope you enjoyed.

Check back next week for the rehearsal dinner!


Denise Gentes said...

Photographer did a wonderful job, I'm sure it's so nice to have stuff like this to look back on from what was most likely a very hectic weekend
Congratulations :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

Ok. Can I just say that I LOVE everything about your wedding. When it's my turn....I'm going to need your help!

Steve Finnell said...

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Megan said...

I am OBSESSED with your dress. And the church was/is gorg!!!

Meg Cady said...

Your dress is to die for!!!
Loved all the little details!!!

Ashley W said...

LOVE your dress (obviously)! Looks like such a wonderful time -- what a great idea to have a friend take pictures, I feel like so many people leave rehearsal pictures out but they sure would be great to have down the road!

Brianna Tucker said...

I love your dress.. I wish we would have taken rehersal pictures :(

Delta Daisies said...

Beautiful wedding! That church is beautiful .

Whitney said...

Your dress is so pretty! The whole idea of a stand in bride makes me laugh. My sister-in-law asked me to be her stand in bride, and I said no! haha. Oops. =X (Granted, I had never heard of the tradition until she asked me... five minutes before the rehearsal.)

Emily said...

lovvve this!!!!