Monday, May 6, 2013

first day post-work thoughts

I survived my first day! 

I didn't even know what to expect walking into my new office this morning at 8:25. I was ready, surprisingly not anxious (sending a huge thank you to my Bible study group girls for tons of prayers), and ready to face the day!

It was tough going to sleep last night because I had a million thoughts going through my head. Tyler was right there with me and we ended up taking a Dramamine to both fall asleep. I'm quite a thinker (duh!).

Skirt: LOFT (similar)
Watch: Kate Spade
Bracelet: David Yurman
Necklace: Stella and Dot (I think?)
Shoes: Tory Burch

The morning was spent getting acquainted with the office and setting up my workstation. My manager is great and had made an itinerary for me. I was really worried I was going to sit around and twiddle my thumbs all day because that's what I have done at past jobs/internships in the past.

I made it through the first few hours, then breaked for lunch... Stopped by Bi-Lo to get a few groceries, then ran home to heat up an Lean Cuisine and let Sarge tinkle. How do those of you who go home for lunch to it? I literally could not sit on the couch because I knew I'd never get up! Luckily I only had time to sit and shovel my food into my mouth, I couldn't really process what was going on! And just like that, I hopped back in the car to the office for the afternoon.

This afternoon sort of dragged on, probably because I ate lunch at 11:30 and at my old job I went to lunch at 1 (central time)! By 3:30 I was starving and needed a Diet Coke pronto. Note: take DC to work tomorrow and stick in the fridge!

Thanks for every ones well wishes and tweets, Facebook messages, emails, comments on photos, and texts. I am a BLESSED girl! 

Good thing today went well or this post could have been depressing.

Oh, did I mention I scanned mail incorrectly and the stamp was on the back of the envelope. Classic rookie mistake!


Kristin said...

Sounds like a pretty good first day though!

Cori @ Everyday Enchanted said...

I'm so glad you had a good first day! I love being able to go home for lunch, but it is hard to go back to the office for the afternoon. Hope your 2nd day is even better!

Claire said...

I still make other people put mail through the postage meter for me, and it's been 3 months! Glad you had a great first day friend!

megan said...

Glad your first day went well! I'm jealous that you get to go home for lunch.

PostgradPrep said...

YAY! Glad the first day went well! Here's to a great first week!

Heather said...

Glad your first day went well!!!