Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Ok so I haven't been following American Idol until Candice Glover started kicking @$$ and made it to the top couple of contestants... Now she's in the top THREE!

This past weekend she was in Beaufort and I HATE myself for not going to the parade and concert downtown. Tyler said he could hear her singing from downtown to our house. And WHY didn't he tell me that!?! I will never know! I also haven't stopped crying since they showed the video of her coming home this weekend. It was so heartfelt and amazing! So much emotion!

She got the Key to the City this weekend!

St. Helena is where she is really from... just down the road from Beaufort!

And if you need MORE proof, just listen to her!

This interview is so sweet!

All you have to do to vote is go HERE: and you can vote up to 50 times online and basically unlimited over the phone at 1-866-536-5702! I may or may no have voted   100 times last week! Just supporting a local gal!


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Whitney said...

I'd love to see a SC girl win American Idol! That would be so cool. :)