Wednesday, May 15, 2013

wedding recap: rehearsal dinner

I'm back for another wedding recap today!

Friday, March 22
Rehearsal Dinner
Calhoun Country Club 
Given by: Tyler's parents

Beautiful flowers and china!

Wonderful family and friends!
Kendall, Me, Rebecca
Kensley and Me
Grandaddy and Heather (MIL)
Stacey, Aunt Peggy, and Betsy
Matt, Liz, Katherine, Carter
Virginia, Me, Leah

Lis (SIL) and Heather
Ruthie and Kensley
Leah and Danner
Brad and me
Frannie and Heather
Tripp and Rebecca
Carter and Katherine
Jodi and Heather
Vic and Ruthie

Love them!

Anna, Kendall, Ruthie, Kensley
Patti, Carol, Heather, Celeste
Patrick, Anna, John, Eliza
Uncle Henry, Ellen, Dad

Suiter did such an awesome job!

Jodi, Mr. and Mrs. Donohue,
Dad and Ken (FIL)
Illinois family!! Tonya, Tom, Vicki, Scott, and John
Christie, Anna. Kendall, Caroline
Mrs. Ingerman and Me

Mom and me
Jodi and Sheri
Suiter and Ruthie
Mimi and Me
Ken and Heather
Mom and Heather
Ruthie and Brad
Miss Cindy and Uncle Moss
Mom and Tripp

Cameron (BIL), Tyler, Carter (BIL)
Anne and Gene
John (aka JT) and Uncle Moss
Leah, Virginia, Me, Beverly

Tyler's groom's cake

Heather and Me
Ken and Me
Tyler and Me

It was such a fun night celebrating the night before our wedding with all of our family and friends. Heather and Ken put on SUCH a fun party and everyone had a wonderful night!



Amanda aka Manda said...
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Amanda aka Manda said...

I love these pictures, especially the ones of the grooms cake!

Megan said...

You know I love that grooms cake! I am nervous/excited for our rehearsal dinner - you are lucky to have such awesome in Laws (ah, the Law in laws haha) !!

Taylor Knittel said...

Hey there, I'm a new follower and I absolutely love your blog! The grooms cake is absolutely darling! Everything looked so gorgeous! (:

xo Taylor

Annie said...

That cake is awesome!