Tuesday, May 14, 2013

sun hats

After spending many days of my #funemployment by the pool and/or beach, I realized that a good sun hat is 100% necessary. We are all aware of the dangers of the sun, especially with your face! Though I am not always wearing a hat while in the sun, I try to wear one when I can. 

I snag one of my brother's or Tyler's hats from their closet to wear. That's probably why I usually end up with a camouflage or other manly type of hat.

I put together a couple of hats that are super cute and beach/pool approved. 


 {one} // {two} // {three} 

{four} // {five} // {six} 

 {seven} // {eight} // {nine} 

Do you have a fun sun hat?!


Amanda aka Manda said...

I love all these, especially 3 and 7. I'm a fedora type of girl. I can't pull off a baseball cap without looking 5 years old.

Ashley W said...

I definitely love both the straw hats (esp. from Marley Lilly) and the baseball cap! I tend to go with super dark hats because I think they make it easier to read in the bright sun! Weird little quirk of mine haha

ps- I'm super jealous of your temporary funemployment.. I would kill for a few weeks to get things done!!!

Ashley said...

I've had my eye on the Tory Burch fedora too! Thinking I may need to invest in that one. Great picks!

Pearls Go With Everything said...

I have a classic neutral J.Crew floppy sun hat that I got at the outlet last summer. I also love my seersucker Southern Proper baseball hat. I have a precious Lilly sun hat I got as a GWP in my birthday present this spring, but it's so nice I don't want to wear it at the beach or pool. I save it for Derby parties, etc.