Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

This weekend I went home to do a lot of wedding things over the long weekend.
Here is what we accomplished:
I keep telling Tyler its purple. He doesn't even know what purple truly looks like because he is colorblind. But I think its hilarious. The first place I went to was a nightmare. It is a place where the designers send the dresses from photoshoots and you can get them discounted. Well, the lady hadn't cut the air on yet, so even 9 am was miserably hot. After 30 minutes, I begged my mom to leave and go to the next place... Where I found my dress! It was the 3rd one I tried on.
So excited!
Then we did some registry stuff and picked out my every day dinnerware. I CANNOT find any fine china that I like. What do I do!?! I have looked EVERYWHERE!? Where else do I look!? Help!!
I came across a bunch of USC stuff and sent a picture to Tyler joking that I was registering for all Carolina things. I didn't get the nicest response haha.
To take a break from wedding stuff, I made my dad a birthday cake for his big #55!

Then we worked on the dreaded list..... But its coming along. My wedding may end up being  MASSIVE. Oops.
I also got to spend lots of quality time with these two...
dumb and dumber.. seriously
We also looked at all of the invitations my mom has saved over the past 23 years (I'm not kidding either) and the ones on Reaves Engraving where we will order them from.
Monday we went and talked to the cake lady.. She has been making our birthday cakes for YEARS! I can taste the icing in my mouth already! It is so nice not to have to go to a million places to taste a bunch of cakes!
We also tried to plan some parties but this whole living a million miles away is kind of a problem.
And finally, mom and I went shopping to try to find some dresses for the end of the month... Tyler's brother is getting married in Rhode Island!
So, that is my quick recap for today!
Ta ta,


Brianna Tucker said...

It was really hard to find fine chine we really liked. I settled on a classic kate spade china and found some amazing purple accent plates at crate and barrell so I did a mix and match. I love the way it turned out.

It will all work out

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're getting quite a lot done! So excited for you!

Whitney said...

A few people kept asking about fine china but I honestly don't see a need for us to have it, at least right now. I told the ladies that my pattern was a Kate Spade design. It was obviously too expensive for their tastes, I didn't get any! =P I can't wait to see your dress!!!!

Taylor said...

congrats on finding your dress!!! thats so exciting :)

CALLIE said...

SO, SO, SO Excited you found your dress!! I cannot wait to see. Let the countdown begin!

PostgradPrep said...

CONGRATS ON FINDING YOUR DRESS! I feel like fine China is so hard ro find since it's so personal. I hope you find the perfect set soon!

megan said...

Congratulations on finding your dress!! I'm sure it's perfect! :)

Katie said...

I am SO happy we both have our dresses! We haven't registered yet...where did you register? I have a feeling I am going to have a rough time with that because I am so picky!!

I also just re-opened my blog with a new, if you want to check it out!