Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fancies: GO WOFFORD!

Happy Friday! And Happy Friday Fancies! I love linking up with {av} on Fridays (And I love there is a chance she and I may meet her next weekend while I am in Providence!)
Even though Wofford has a bye this weekend (hello recruitment weekend, GO ZTA!!), I had to put together an outfit for this week's Friday Fancies theme!


This is your typical Wofford gameday outfit. We wear dresses (and mostly flats) to our games! You can truly see from the pictures below we have a very distinct look for games!

This mustard dress from Modcloth is absolutely perfect for a Terrier football game.
Since it is getting chiller by the day (well, at least here in Illinois), you must take a cardigan with you in case it gets cold! Wofford students are really spoiled that there is an outlet mall just down the road from the school, so I stocked up on cardigans like these from J Crew
Another Wofford staple you will find are Tory Burch ballerina flats. Every girl and her mother has a pair. OR you can see girls sports cowboy boots like  these. Always a good choice.
Another good choice is a  black Longchamp to throw your tailgating goodies (read: booze) in to tailgate! We always had an awesome tailgating spot and SO much food (and mimosas). GOSH I MISS IT.
Last but not least, you need some cheap jewelry to throw on!
 1st Homecoming
Wofford @ Clemson

Senior Year
Junior Year
Sophomore Year
Babies Freshman Year!
Guess I'll be cheering as Clemson takes on Florida State this weekend instead of my Terriers!
Ta ta,


Blue Dog Belle said...

That dress is fabulous!!!

xo, Emily

Anonymous said...

oh. my. gosh. Tyler has officially kicked the Gamecocks out of your head completely. All those years of good times and one boy makes you root for Clemson?!! JK! XOXO, Becca

The Pink Growl said...

Love those cowboy boots!

Whitney said...

So cute!! We obviously never tailgated at Winthrop because we didn't have a team, so I have to admit... I've never tailgated before. *gasp!* If my dad had it his way, I would have gone to Wofford! haha

ryann said...