Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello & Welcome!

I don't know what attracts people to this blog of mine. I started it as an online journal but it has really become a lot more. I'm not really sure who reads it and why, so today I have a bunch of questions for my readers so I can get to know you, plus some facts about me if you already didn't know!

I also realized yesterday that I completely missed my blog's birthday on September 7th. Whoops. Things have been crazy latey. So happy late birthday to my blog!
Did you know these facts about me?
I love cats. I was afraid I'd become a crazy single cat lady one day. But I do love our dog Sarge!
I never thought I'd move out of the state of SC.. and now I'm in Illinois.
Tyler and I were pretty much set up on a blind date... and now we're getting married on March 23, 2013.
I love pizza, Japanese food, cookies, and junk food. Hello fatty!
I want to be a good runner. One day I'll run a half marathon and maybe a full marathon.
I'm a recruiter. It's such an interesting industry.
I grew up on a farm and LOVE living in the country.
Now I want to know about YOU? Who are you? How did you find my blog? Why do you read?
I'm so curious!!!!!
I really truly do what to know who reads this blog of mine, so help me get to know you. If you want (and I would really love it if you would), leave a comment with the answer to these questions so I can get to know you!

Who are you?
Whats your blog address if you blog? What do you blog about?
How did you find my blog? Linkup? Blog friend? Social media?
Why do you read?
What do you wish I would blog more about or less about?
What do you look for in a blog?
Why do you blog?
So help a sista out!  I really, truly am interested in YOU!
Ta ta and thanks for reading!!


Emily said...

What a fun post and a great way to itneract with your readers! I love your #3 fact... love the unexpected! I'm also a fellow fatty. love all those foods!

Well you know my blog! I think I came across your blog not long after you started it & I'm so glad I did!

We're friends in the twittersphere and blog world- so I read it to keep up with your life and see all the fun wedding posts!

I am going to need you to post more about your wedding and details so I can live vicariously through you!

I always look for someone who is being "real" on their blog. They have fun posts, but then personal ones too. As weird as it sounds I love the everyday life posts. I'm nosy...what can I say?! I like feeling a connection to a blogger (and I'm happy to say I've found some great friends through blogging!)

I blog as an outlet for my life. It gives me a place to just "be" with no expectations and to get my inner creative self out there. I like that I can write about a great time or a really bad time and bloggers will still be there supporting you- it's a great community!

The Pink Growl said...

I love this post! I'm going to steal it and use it for my new readers too. Great idea! I love Japanese food too!

Amy G. said...

Oh my goodness..I love this...I may steal it from you :) here are my answers!
Who are you? Amy G!

Whats your blog address if you blog? What do you blog about? You know you can find me over at A Glimpse of the Gouglers

How did you find my blog? Linkup? Blog friend? Social media? I honestly can't really remember...maybe a link up? No matter what I'm just glad I did :)

Why do you read? I feel like we've become bloggy friends! I love hearing about what's going on in your life and now wedding planning!

What do you look for in a blog? Someone I can connect to...#1 for sure

Why do you blog?
Started out as an online journal and it became a passion and a wonderful way to network and make new friends around the world!

Whitney said...

Who are you? I'm Whitney!

Whats your blog address if you blog? What do you blog about? http://observantturtletaketwo.blogspot.com/ It's a lifestyle blog with a focus on Houston.

How did you find my blog? Linkup? Blog friend? Social media? Hm... how did I find it.... I honestly can't remember! Probably looking on someone's blog rolls and saw the word "Carolina" and wanted to see it!

Why do you read? Because we're very similar and I love hearing about you! Also since we're both from SC.

What do you wish I would blog more about or less about? More about wedding specifics! Colors, etc. :)

What do you look for in a blog? Authenticity in posts. I like personal posts!

Why do you blog? I started blogging to find friends in Houston, but it's turned into a great creative outlet!

Anonymous said...

I love this post, Charlotte! I just may have to steal the idea. I don't think I need to introduce myself, since we've chatted back and forth several times :-) I am pretty sure I stumbled upon your blog sometime last fall either through Ashley (Everyday AEM) or Emily's blog. I love it so much, I think, because we are so similar in age, at similar points in our life, but yet so different, with you way out there in Illinois!

sLe said...

I love this post!! We follow each other on twitter (@pearlsandcurls) and IG (pearlsandcurls90) and I found your blog that way! Anyways: I'm Sara! I blog at http://bourbonpearlsandwildcats.blogspot.com/ although sometimes I take little breaks due to lack of inspiration. I try to mainly be a "lifestyle blog" and blog about my life and things that I like. Like I said, we somehow started following each other on twitter and IG so that's how I found your blog & fell in love! I really enjoy your wedding posts and they make me so excited for you & Tyler! Personally, I blog because of the different connections you make through blogging. Blog friends, to me, are some of the best and most special kinds of friends.

Kendall Salley said...

CC-you are such a precious blogger! I adore your blog and this is such a fun post! I

Who are you?
Whats your blog address if you blog? What do you blog about?
I am Kendall-blog at kendallsalley@blogspot.com (although I am REALLY bad at it :)
I mainly blog, kind of here and there, about what the Lord is doing in my life and the stage of life I am in!

How did you find my blog? Linkup? Blog friend? Social media?
I remember you telling me you were starting a blog and have been hooked ever since
Why do you read?
Because I love YOU and thoroughly enjoy everything you post about! Keep it up !:)

eleven-o-one said...

Love how down to earth you are. I'm really not sure how I found your blog but I'm glad I did. I'm a happily married mom of two boys ages 9 and 11. So you and I aren't in the same stage of life but I enjoy reading your wedding adventures and love to read blogs by young women who love the Lord. I wish when I was your age that my relationship with God had not taken a back seat in life. I probably would not have made as many mistakes along the way.
Just keep blogging from your heart and be you because there is only one you. Why do I blog? Well, that's a question I ask myself sometimes with no good answer. Mostly I just do it for myself now in a way...it's a way to sort of think out loud. Plus, I like my "virtual" friends from around the country - and the world! So many different backgrounds! I keep thinking maybe God will use my blog to bless someone somewhere even if I don't know that I have. That would be awesome!

Ashley said...

What a great idea to get to know your readers!! Love this :)

Hi, I'm Ashley and I blog at Loving Life and Lilly (http://livinglifewithloveandlilly.blogspot.com). I (try to) blog about my life as a recent grad (trying to keep that title for as long as possible) figuring out where I want to be in the world. I can't quite remember when I came across your blog, but I'm pretty sure it was sometime around Christmas. From time to time I will click through blogs and just stumbled upon yours! I keep reading because I just love how down to earth you are, and love how honest you are! I try to stay as "real" as possible with my posts and definitely look for people who do the same!

I love reading about peoples' weddings (seriously, I'm addicted), so wedding posts are always appreciated. I also love finding new products and stores through the blogs I read, so I definitely appreciate a good "favorites" post!

Why do I blog? I love meeting new people, and sharing the things that I love with other people. I hope that I can brighten someone's day, or make someone realize that they are not the only one going through different things!

sophistifunk said...

what a great idea! i'm brie and i blog over at sophistifunk... www.sophistifunkblog.com, my blog is mainly lifestyle & fashion :) and i love all of your fashion posts! it's getting me super excited for cooler weather!
p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie

Anonymous said...

Who are you?
Lauren @ Choosing Joy

Whats your blog address if you blog? What do you blog about?
I blog about life, love, food, our wedding (planning), and photography.

How did you find my blog? Linkup? Blog friend? Social media?
I actually found it through this exact "link up" on Whitneys blog (the observant turtle)! I thought it would be fun to check out some of the other bloggers that participated!

Why do you read?
I actually just found your blog, so I still have reading to do! Ha!

What do you wish I would blog more about or less about?

What do you look for in a blog?
Something I can relate to. Positive (but not fake) posts. Posts about life. Interesting things. Etc.

Why do you blog?
To document my life with my fiance, and as a "creative outlet" as cliche as it sounds. I love blogging and love looking back and remembering those small things that I might otherwise forget.