Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Wishlist

This "fall" weather is a tease! Earlier this week it was nice and chilly... Now it is hot again! I've seen so many OOTD posts and outfits on Pinterest, so I decided it was time to make my fall wish list. I've added a few things to my wardrobe thanks to the new J Crew outlet in my town and Old Navy and Gap of course.
Below is what you will find on my fall wish list!

Fall Wishlist

Let's be honest. How cute is this j crew colorblock shirt? I need to see if my J Crew outlet carries it. Like tonight. I love colors and that is one thing I don't like about fall fashion, BUT maybe times are a changing!
I'm also a huge fan of a vest.When its get cold, I promise you will find me in one!! I might have to invest in this j crew vest like as soon as possible. I love pink!
I have also been eying some brown skinny jeans. I found some at Old Navy but of course they didn't have my size. Going on a hunt for some soon.
And what girl doesn't have these Tory Burch leather boots on her wish list? They are def WAY higher than any price I would ever pay for boots but I can still lust over them right?
I've also been secretly wanting some booties. I think these MK booties are so cute!! Again, may have to find some others in my price range #postgradproblems
Probably the first thing I will be buying when I have some extra spending $$$ (aka never) is a nice, big, brown handbag. This Marc Jacobs handbag is exactly what I am looking for!!
Annnnd again, I fall in love with something super pricey. I really need a new silver watch. I love my gold watch I have that Tyler gave me for Valentines, but I really like this  MK silver watch to go with my other silver jewelry.
This piece of  leather jewelry is just a fun, colorful addition to an outfit!
And I LOVE infinity scarves! I am sure that so many stores have them, and I really like this leopard print scarve from Alice + Olivia. Cuteness!
So basically I need to win the lottery or kick super butt at work to make some more moola to buy all of these things. Until then... a girl can dream!
Happy Thursday, it's almost FRIDAY!
Ta ta,


Anonymous said...

Old Navy has a very cute leopard print infinity scarf that I just bought! $15 is muuchhh better than $198!

Anonymous said...

My wish list is very similar! I love the quilted j.crew vests!!

Ali said...

Those boots and the vest are both on my wishlist that I just posted today too, how funny! Love the striped shirt as well, too cute!

The Pink Growl said...

I'm a big fan of vests! I don't know why I just love them. I want that pink one! I also need to get some of those little ankle boots - too cute!

Taylor said...

great wishlist - love all of these for fall!

siddathornton said...

i love both of the shoe selections! my 'foot wardrobe' needs some major updating!

Claire said...

I went to our JCrew outlet the other night after work and found the CUTEST sweater (had to buy it even though I was like so hot just trying it on) with a huuuuge fold over/roll over neckline! So ready to wear it! Love your wish list!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Love the color of that bracelet!! So cute!

xo, Emily

Mason said...

YES to all of those thing. So many adorable things out this fall...and I sort of want all of it... :)

xoxo Mason

Whitney said...

I have a j. crew shirt like that! It's neon green/yellow on the top and navy stripes. I could wear it every day. I love it!

la petite fashionista said...

i've never been a big fan of vests-- but have been starting to embrace them. i love the pink!! :) and those ankle boots, so gorgeous. love your fall staples!