Saturday, November 5, 2011

So Far, So Good...

I feel like I have been the worst blogger this week!

Trying to adjust to a new "home" and getting everything settled has been very exhausting! I am still working on decorating my apartment and will get pictures up when I am finished. I will also keep you updated with my adjustment as soon as I can get my emotions together and get in a routine!

"So far so good" is my quote of the week when people ask how its been going. Tyler has been such a great helper (he had all of my furniture ready in my room BEFORE Mom and I got here!) He has been so wonderful and I'm glad we can finally spend time together!

My roommates are great as well! Actually, one of them got engaged last night and I couldn't be more excited for her!!! I'll share more later!

Here's my photo dump from Tuesday..

We made it!

Some of the junk in my car.. I tried to snap a pic before moving stuff inside

More stuff

Things to notice: cotton (duh), pictures of friends, bottle of wine, flats, running shoes, snacks (all a girl needs, right?)

My new room under construction. Gotta get rid of that yucky dresser!

My new room pre-organization. My Lodis bag made the trip and is the best handbag everrr

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! More pictures and updates to come!

Ta ta,

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Sarah said...

Good to know everything is going well!