Wednesday, November 16, 2011

23 + WILW

Where has the week gone!? I have lost track of time (maybe cause of my birthday yesterday!)

Special thank you to Kendall and Ryann for the sweet birthday posts yesterday. They brought tears to my eyes. Check out their blogs!

Today's linkup is perfect for my thoughts for the day. Link up with Jamie too!

I'm loving that I made it to 23 and had a wonderful birthday!

I'm LOVING these flowers Mr. Someone Special sent me at work for my b-day!

I'm loving that its already Wednesday!

I'm loving my job. I really, really am! (Let me know if you know anyone who may want an agriculture job... seriously, I can hook them up!)

I'm loving that I already have a vacay for Thanksgiving! 

I'm (not) loving that I still haven't put together that perfect outfit for the engagement party in NYC I posted about earlier. I'll figure it out. Whatevs.

I'm loving the cards and mail I got for my birthday.

I'm loving that Tyler and I are roadtripping to PA on Fri/Sat. Ideas on how to survive a 13 hour drive with your significant other? Kidding :)

I'm loving that I finally get to meet his brother's fiance this weekend. Yay!

I'm loving that Ryann is really my mini-me. Congrats on ZTA VPI. Just following in my footsteps!

 And I'm still loving my Barbie birthday cake!

What are you loving today??

Ta ta,

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ryann said...

Two shout outs in one blog?! Thank you! I'm so excited to be VP I... I'm going to learn from the best! Love you! Be safe and have fun in PA!