Sunday, November 13, 2011

Becca's Birthday & Weekend Recap

Love you to the moon and back!

Her Bachelorette Party!

Caroline's wedding
Not only is Rebecca my best friend, she is one of my most loyal readers! She's the best! Hope you had a great day!! So sad I couldn't be with you!


This was my first real weekend in my "new home," so Tyler and I tried to enjoy it as much as possible!

I had a really great week at work this week and I think I am going to enjoy it a lot! I just learned the ropes and was able to get to do some things on my own on Friday when a co-worker was out for the day.

After work on Friday, my roommates had a bunch of their friends over after we went to eat Mexican to celebrate my roommate, Audrey, and my birthday! Hers is tomorrow, and mine on Tuesday. Such a fun week!

Birthday Girls

After dinner, all of the girls came over to our apartment where we had lot of wine, played dancing and karaoke Singstar games on PlayStation, and even forgot to eat our hilarious / adorable birthday cake our other roommate Jessie and my new friend Ashley got us!

Who doesn't love a Barbie & Theresa birthday cake??

After a headache waking up on Saturday, I went over to Tylers before we left to go run errands in town about 30 minutes away. Our errands consisted of finding Christmas presents for his family! This weekend we are driving to Pennsylvania for lots of fun! We are doing Christmas at Thanksgiving while his brother and his fiance are in town, too. I'm so glad we had such a successful day Christmas shopping. I have never shopped this early!

After shopping we had Indian food for dinner. Not going to lie, I hate Indian food. The smell and texture and atmosphere of the restaurant made me feel so sick. I tried to be a good sport but then said I HAD to have some ice cream on the way home. Four pints of Ben & Jerry's later, I was over the Indian food.

Today, I hate to admit I (we) played hookey from church. I am still researching where I want to start going. Instead, we cooked a huge brunch consisting of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. I then took a nap on the couch. We headed BACK into Champaign because Tyler needed some special bullets for his gun and I got to go into Michael's while he was doing his thing. I learned the Hobby Lobby > Michaels. Groceries were last on the list before cooking dinner. I had to practice making my grandmother's sweet potato soufflé for Thanksgiving. I think it was a success!

Now, on to the week!

What did you do fun this weekend?

Ta ta,


Megan said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! I love that cake, haha. Glad you are enjoying your job and being together :). And yes, Hobby Lobby is better than Michael's! I wish we had a HL here!!

Megan said...

That cake is adorable!! & Hobby Lobby is the! Obsessed with that story doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about it! Hope Illinois is treating you well so far!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Char! I love you!