Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's OK Thursday!

Today (tonight) is my first linkup with Neely for It's OK Thursdays!

It's OK that I have looked forward to watching Greys and Private Practice ALL DAY!

It's OK I drove quickly to Tyler's house to watch it since our cable went out

It's OK that I am in charge of calling the cable/dish people and haven't done it yet (whoops)

It's OK I have had a cup of both coffee AND hot chocolate every day this week

It's OK that I ate half a pizza for dinner

Ok, maybe its NOT OK I am getting to be a fatty

It's OK to be addicted to reading others' blogs

It's OK to want to sleep a lot right now

It's OK that Wofford is hosting the GOP Debate on Saturday. So cool!

It's OK that I haven't been keeping up with the books I started

Its OK to miss my little white diva, Lilly!

isn't she adorable????
It's OK that I won Crystal's giveaway of Swell Caroline earrings! Whoo hoo!!

And everything is OK because tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Seriously, TGIF. 

Ta ta,

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Marybeth said...

Love it! New follower!