Tuesday, April 30, 2013

wedding recap: bridal luncheon

I am finally beginning my wedding recaps! I will try my best to include lots of details below each picture.



Friday, March 22
Bridal Luncheon
Aunt Peggy's house
Given by: my aunt, great aunts, and cousin

This was the beautiful table in the breakfast room where we were served delicious sparkling grape juice.

See where I get my love of flowers from? My grandmother made the flower arrangements for the luncheon and oh my, they were gorgeous.

Here's the lovely dining room table. I realized during lunch that I had never eaten at the "big table" before at my aunt's! My cousin and I always get to sit in the breakfast room.

Beautiful head table with my mom, mother-law-law, grandmother and bridesmaids.

L-R: Ruthie, Beverly, Mom, me

L-R: Me, Rebecca (MOH), Kensley, Heather (MIL)

My mother-in-law and my grandmother. They are so cute together!

My bridesmaids Caroline and Kendall got to sit at their own little table for lunch. It was a date of sorts!

L-R: My sister-in-law's mother, my aunt, Tyler's aunt, my MIL's best friend

L-R: Tyler's cousin, my aunt, my cousin, my MIL's niece

L-R: Tyler's Uncle Sheri, my cousin, Tyler's cousin, my sister-in-law.
Now you are thinking who is Uncle Sheri? She's a she! Haha, we know. She's actually my FIL's cousin. Tyler couldn't understand that as a child. He would call her Aunt Sheri but that wasn't right, but he didn't understand the whole cousin thing.... So one day he just blurted out "UNCLE SHERI" and it stuck. She's a hoot and came from Chicago for the weekend!

Thia was the delicious meal: shrimp salad, tomato pie, asparagus, country ham, biscuit. It was so incredibly delicious. Every time I look at the biscuit, my mouth waters.... YUMMMMM!!!

Opening the gift from my lovely hostesses, a Tamara Child's beverage glass!

Thank you Stacey for giving me these fabulous pictures. Y'all the first time my cousin brought Stacey home to meet us, we had to sleep in the bed together at the lake. I'd say we bonded quickly!

Kensley, my college roommate from freshman and sophomore years at Wofford.

My beautiful Matron of Honor, Rebecca! Can you even believe she is pregnant and due in July? She looks smokin'!

My Aunt Peggy who hosted the luncheon. I've always been like her daughter because she didn't have one of her own! Now she has two daugher-in-laws (well, one is almost one!).

Betsy is my cousin-to-be! She is marrying my cousin Stewart in November! SO EXCITED!

Betsy and Stacey might as well be my sisters. I love having girls in my family now!

Mrs. Mary Jo helped out with the luncheon. She is a dear family friend and would almost be like another grandmother to me!

After lunch we headed to the nail salon for the bridesmaids to get their nails done! 


Hope you enjoyed today's photo recap! Up next: rehearsal dinner!

~ Mrs. Law


Shannon Hodges said...

Love every bit of this. Your Aunt's home is beautiful -- love all of the china cabinets! Especially the built ins. I would die for those!

mfwhitaker said...
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mfwhitaker said...

I second Shannon!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful, Charlotte! Love your dress too!

Cori H. said...

Your Aunt's home is gorgeous! The food looked delicious!

Heather said...

Your Aunt's home is beautiful!!! Can't wait to read more about your wedding festivities!!