Monday, April 29, 2013

our favorite wedding gifts.

We got some really amazing wedding gifts. Some of which we registered for, but others were a huge surprise and have been awesome!!! I am so thankful and grateful, and even amazed how generous people are. I have about 4 thank you notes left to send to thank our friends and family for such wonderful things.

I know my taste isn't the same as everyone's, but I hope the images below can be a helpful guide. Some may seem boring, but I bet the recipients will not think so!

Here goes nothing!

10 piece glass bowl set
My cousins gave us these bowls and I quote her, "I'm sorry this gift seems so boring, but I saw you didn't have them on your registry and you will get good use out of them." Stacey, if you are reading this- I LOVE THEM! I use at least one of these every day! They range from large mixing bowls to tiiiiiiiny little bowls that would be about half the size of a lemon. They are great for everything, including cooking Tyler's egg every morning!! 

Wamsutta 400 thread count sheet set
Though we did not receive this as a gift (I got them with a gift card), these are the most amazing sheets ever. I'm not really picky about my sheets, but I figured if I wanted nice sheets and had a ton of store credit and gift cards to Bed Bath & Beyond, NOW was the time to do it. Tyler comments every night how soft they are. AND they are cotton! Double win.

Craftsman weed eater
Why, yes... We did in fact receive a weed eater! The family who gave it to us is in business with us and he thought it would be both funny and practical. We really needed something to help us cut our grass. Our yard isn't big enough to buy a lawnmower, so this was ah-mazing. 

J. Charles monogrammed DOFs
I adore these glasses!! We've already received the small DOF (double old fashion) and the taller ones are ordered. They are so fun and festive to drink my Jamaican rum and diet out of!!! 

Pyrex bowl set
My sweet friend gave us these bowls and wrote the best note from her girls, "Our mommy hates when she can't find tops to her bowls for leftovers." Amen and problem solved! I just ordered these for a couples wedding gift today!!
I didn't even realize we had registered for this until after we  received it! I thought that it was just a monogrammed cutting board.... but it came with a brander too! Instead of a monogram, I went with "LAW"... perfect, right!?

If you think I am making this up, I promise I am not. Two of Tyler's friends from high school bought us a kegerator for our wedding gift. I was so confused when the UPS man dropped this off because I was waiting for my replacement iphone. I KNEW this wasn't my phone because, um, this is much larger than my little box from Verizon. I called Tyler and asked him if he had ordered a new refrigerator (I don't know why I did that because we rent our house?). He was kind of confused so I opened up the box and viola! This was inside. It is making the trip to our friend's house in my hometown because it won't fit in our little house here. Plus, the guys will have more fun drinking beer in Wesley's garage anyway.

So there you have it! If you want to give a unique wedding gift, but something that isn't too flashy, crazy, or weird, here are some ideas!

What were your favorite {unexpected} wedding gifts?!


Megan said...

SO glad you posted this! We are registering sometime this month and I need ideas/reviews on great things. You are the best!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like you got some great stuff! I love the branders! But I love anything monogrammed. lol.

Taylor said...

so glad you did this post! love having ideas to give as gifts and now for things to register for as well!

megan said...

Great stuff! I thought about doing a similar post! We got some of those glass Pyrex bowls, too!

Stacey Perrow said...

yeah!!! I am so glad you love those bowls. I use mine every single day and haven't broken one yet (although, jinx, right!)

Cuttysark said...

Nice blog! More power to you.

Cheers and hugs,
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Meow Opre said...

Very interesting wedding gifts ideas here. :D Keep up the good writing dear author!

Meow Opre said...

Very interesting wedding gifts ideas here. :D Keep up the good writing dear author!

sanam arzoo said...

these are all such great and thoughtful gifts! I laughed at your comment about the marriage day gift exchange, I recently mentioned that to my fiance and he refused to believe "it could be a thing.I seriously just love your necklace in those bridal photos. you create me wish i had worn one. it's perfect!!!! Wedding Gifts