Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Turkey Time

My hunting fanatic husband killed two turkeys the day after our honeymoon.

Y'all of course know Tyler LOVES to hunt. Like its an obsession. But, if I can shop, he can hunt!!

He wasn't really even planning to "hunt" Saturday afternoon.... he threw on a camo shirt to go move his blind in the woods. Sat for 10 minutes with the computer in hand (he was looking at pics from his game camera) and heard them walk out to the decoy. 

In ONE shot, he killed TWO. No, I'm not making this up. He was so pumped. You use a rifle to shoot turkeys and the little pellets inside the bullet explode (so you have to hit them in the neck- sorry TMI). Luckily they lined up perfectly for one shot!

They are kind of massive.

They made me take a pic.

Mom went along for the ride too.

Sarge wasn't really sure what to do...

Proud hubby.

One had 3 beards and the other has 4. I think that determines how old they are? I'm honestly not sure.

My mom is now worried that we won't come visit them anymore, but he has 3 more tags to fill!

I'd say between the wedding, honeymoon, killing turkeys, and me officially moving in this has been the greatest couple of weeks ever for Tyler!!

I'll be eating wild turkey for the rest of my life.


Brianna Tucker said...

at least its cage free. People pay good money for that. Maybe you should sell it!

Megan said...

Ah your HUSBAND!! So exciting. Can't wait to see how you hang them. You know I am partial to turkeys, being a Hokie and all ;)

Rebecca Love said...

Yay Tyler! I know he was so happy!

Lauren said...

OHHHH wild turkey.

Suze said...

LOVE this. I grew up in the country so this speaks right to my heart ha! And I LOVED your wedding dress! so many girls are choosing dresses with no " fluff" as i Call it which is fine for them. but for me my heart strings tug at "fluff" dresses maybe because my Deb. dress was "fluff" haha. Always been a fan. Hope married life is treating you well!!!!

Caitlin A. Cleland said...

I'm a new follower and had to comment on this, my husband is also a big fan of turkey hunting. I mean big fan. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one married to a turkey huntin' fan!