Monday, November 12, 2012

Stocking Stuffer: Sallie's Greatest

I need to introduce all of you to Sallie's Greatest. Sallie is a really good family friend of mine. For years, she was in the pharmaceutical industry, but then she started making her homemade jam. Very quickly it turned from a hobby to a business!

I've had the luxury of working with Sallie a few times and my family buys her jam religiously! I sold her jam for her a few times as well as worked with her with the Certified SC Grown program the past few years. Sallie mixes everyday SC fruit with herbs to make a truly unique product. If you didn't know, I am all about agriculture, especially supporting local farmers and producers. If you are too, look no further than Sallie's Greatest! I love her "Love Thy Farmer" tagline. So very fitting! And if you've never seen a real field of cotton, there you go!!

Some of her jams include:

To make things even more exciting, Sallie's Greatest was recently chosen as one of Oprah's 2012 Favorite Things!! This is huge for her business! The jams were also featured in Garden and Gun Made in the South. If you go to the link, you may have to scroll to the bottom and find the jam in the widget.
Her jam is to die for! We use it lots of ways.. mainly as normal jam, but also to add to an appetizer.
My favorite is the Blueberry + Lavender, especially on bleu cheese! Ty is a huge bleu cheese fan!

1 block of Bleu Cheese
1/2 jar of Blueberry + Lavender Jam
Spoon ½ jar of Sallie’s Greatest Blueberry + Lavender Jam over a block of Bleu Cheese. Serve with crackers.
You can find all of her yummy recipes here.

Seriously, order a couple for your family members for Christmas. I promise they won't disappoint!


This post was not sponsored by Sallie's Greatest and I am not receiving anything for this post. All opinions are my own!

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megan said...

Those sound amazing! I always draw a blank on what to get my grandparents so this might just be it!