Friday, November 9, 2012

Bonfire Attire + BFF Birthday!

Bonfires are a very normal thing for us out in the country! Tyler and his friends love to sit around the fire and drink beer while I sip on my spiked hot cocoa. I have learned that I don't have to be oh-so-cute when people come over because it is usually FREEZING! I also hate hate hate smelling like bonfire smoke! I usually throw on a couple of layers to try to get my good clothes from smelling stinky!
If I were trying to look cute, though, here is what I would wear to a fun bonfire!



Patagonia //   vest 
J.Crew // slim fit jeans
UGG Australia // tan boots
 Inverni //  beanie hat 
Selected //  scarf
In addition to this Friday Fancie's post, I MUST wish my BFF Kensley a happy birthday!
Kensley is one of my bridesmaids and was my roommate two years of college. We had so much fun living together... maybe a little too much fun!
Our birthdays are a week a part, so we always celebrated the whole month of November together!
The top left picture of from 2006... Kens and I became friends at Palmetto Girls State. We were suitemates and hit it off immediately because we both wanted to go to Wofford! We decided then and there to live together and I am SO glad we did for two years until she studied abroad in Italy!
Top right picture was from last fall at Homecoming.
Bottom left is freshman year... Such babies!
And the pouting picture has and always will be my favorite! Kens was really mad at me that night out because I wanted to hang out with a boy at the SAE house, but she was ready to go back to our room! Told you we had a ton of fun! I could go on and on and on from the past 6 years!
Happy #24 Kens! Have a great day! XOXOXO
Happy Friday everyone! Whoo hoo!!