Monday, November 26, 2012


Hi friends!! I am so sorry to have gone missing! Life happened.
I was home for a week last week (HURRAH!) and I didn't stop all week! I was busy seeing friends and family, doing wedding things, and trying to relax. Didn't happen.
I'm back at work today trying to catch up. Today is like the worst day ever. I need a vacation to regroup from vacation! It was great, though!
Needless to say, blogging is on the back burner. I may be back tomorrow, but I can't promise anything! The next 6 weeks are going to be very crazy in Charlotte land! I do want to update you on my week at home, but that may have to wait!
Hope you all had a great and relaxing Thanksgiving.
I'll still be around on social media (duh), so you can find me on Twitter and Instagram (both @charlotteperrow).


Cori H. said...

I agree! I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. Today was rough for me too.

Claire said...

Hooray for being semi-back! I'll stay updated via Instagram :)