Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Future

Today's Wedding Wednesday post is a little different than normal. I'm drawing a blank on wedding plans and updates, even though we are working on things. I don't want to post everything on my blog, as I want some thing to be a surprise on March 23!

I posted on twitter to help get some ideas about what you would like to read today, and thanks to Crystal, I have a post! Again, it may be a little different, so here goes nothing!

Her idea was: 10 things you think you will do as a housewife.

Well, first off, I'm not 100% sure where our "home" will be! That is a whole post for another day, just not today! I do know that I am really excited about our future and making a house our home! I've been trying to collect things that I think match our personalities!

Tyler and I eat dinner together almost every night. Luckily, he LOVES to cook and grill which is awesome for me since I get off work later than he does. We usually take turns cooking which is awesome. We also have the rule that whoever cooks doesn't have to do the dishes. This was true up until he moved to the country where he doesn't have a dish washer... that would be ME!! Haha, I'm kind of kidding but not. We get along really well in the kitchen and I am really thankful for that! I really hope that continues... forever!

Now to the "meat and potatoes" of my post!

We haven't gone through marriage counseling yet since we are 12 hours away from our minister, but that will happen over the holidays. I've read numerous places that there are 4 VERY important aspects to talk about during counseling and with your significant other before you get married: money, religion, kids, and in-laws.

Tyler is so very wonderful with handling money. He has his budget on his computer and is very watchful of it. We both enjoy splurging every now and then, but with important things to pay for and trying to make a good living, we both understand the value of saving. We both are terrified of credit card debt, and are really good about paying off our cards almost weekly!
Religion is something we also share the same views on and have compromised some already. I grew up in a very small rural Methodist church with about 60 members. We are all related and are very, very traditional- hymnals, dress clothes, etc etc. Tyler grew up going to a more up-and-coming church with powerpoints, a worship band, and casual dress. Luckily, this is something easy to compromise! We started going to a nondenominational church here. I still try to dress up, but I have learned to embrace the worship band and see the powerpoints up on the screen! I do like to sing songs that I can hear on the radio later! Whatever your denomination, you are still worshipping the Lord... that's what matters!
We talk about kids a lot, I mean if you are getting married, isn't that normal? I'll be honest-- I'm scared of kids and he knows that. I'm not scared of being a mom or having responsibilities, I'm scared of the physical pain of pregnancy. Have I told you I'm a HUGE baby when it comes to pain? Again, another subject for another day. We have agreed on a number of kids. We both are very close to our siblings and think its important to share your life with them! Ty grew up in a military family, so there was definitely discipline, which I think is also important! So glad we agree on that!!
Hello mini Tylers!
Lastly, in-laws... We both are SO blessed to get along so very well with each other's parents! His dad is currently here for the week hunting with Ty and I have loved every minute of it! I hate that his mom isn't here too, but she has to stay back in PA to teach! The first time I met his parents, I knew that I would fit in great with his family. They really mind me a lot of my parents. Ken and Heather are so much fun and we always have a blast together. We are also very in  touch via text, phone calls, skype, and email since we are 12 hours away from each other! Ty also loves my parents. He actually met my dad a few weeks before he met me! They have so much in common-- farming, hunting, outdoors, etc! I am so thankful they have lots of common ground. I can't imagine not getting along with your in-laws. I get so excited thinking about having 2 sets of parents... and in 2 very different places-- SC and PA. Sometimes its very frustrating not having them both down the road, but hopefully some day when they can retire, we'll all be close.

Tyler's parents
Tyler's extended family
My parents
So there is my ramblings for my Wedding Wednesday! I'm so blessed to have Tyler in my life and I am 150% sure the Lord put him in my life at the perfect time!
What are you thankful for in your marriage?
A Happy Wife in New Orleans
Ta ta,


Brianna Tucker said...

I feel you about the kids aspect. I want them but yet I am utterly terrified. I hope one day my maternal instinct just kicks in and then I am 100% on board

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Well, I love all of your posts, but this one was sweet! Marriage is the best gift! You're going to love it! Can't wait to stand by you! xoxo-Becca