Sunday, July 8, 2012

Home + Surprise Engagement Party

Sunday we FINALLY made it to Cameron! I was so excited to take Tyler's family to my small town to show them where I grew up!

During lunch on Friday, Mom informed me that she had a drop-in planned for Sunday night. She invited 50+ people and told them it was to "meet the Laws." Little did everyone know that it would turn into an engagement party!

First, we had to tour my town and the farm which was a lot of fun! I think everyone really enjoyed learning about our operation even though it was pretty hot!

cotton picker
cam and lissy

dad teaching about peanuts

baby peanuts

Perrow Farms

new peanut storage

After the tour, we HAD to make one more stop. Below you see a picture of Miss Hyiat. This lady was there the day I came home from the hospital as a baby and has been a very important part of my life. Instead of going to daycare or mom staying home, we had Miss Hyiat every single day. She still comes every now and then to iron, which she loves! She is really, really special to my family and she bawled her eyes out when I told her Tyler and I were engaged! She had met him last year and of course had to give us marital counseling. She is a woman of God!

Miss Hyiat

After all of the touring, we all still had to get ready for the party! Mom had called a lot of her friends, but I made a longer list of who to invite after I was told about the party. I was so happy to see people I hadn't seen in forever!


friends from home!

best friend!



three best friends-- so glad kensley made the trip! and caroline- newly engaged, and rebecca- newlywed!

"yes" cake squares!

boys enjoying beer and boiled peanuts on the porch

dad, future father in law, and matthew the MATCHMAKER!

Whew, what a weekend and this isn't the end of the posts! A few more to come!

Ta ta,


Emily said...

UMM I don't know HOW I missed your earlier post...but YAYAYAYYYY!! I'm so excited for you! You're engagement story is so sweet, and it looks like you had a wonderful party with your family and friends!
Can't wait to follow along with you as you plan!

Anonymous said...

How COOL is it that your family owns a farm? My husband and I actually passed a farm today and we were talking about how amazing the big huge sprinklers were! What a sweet get together, I'm so excited for you!

Patterson said...

Congratulations Charlotte!!! Loved these posts :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE these last few posts! The fun is just beginning! So excited for all of you! xoxo!


Taylor said...