Monday, July 23, 2012

Fun News!

Hello there! I had a very, very busy weekend and have some exciting things to share (about the wedding).

We officially set the date: March 23, 2013 which is kind of cool: 03/23/13. Maybe?


Making the guest list is super hard! I just want to invite everyone!

We are having a band play at the reception and we can't make a decision who we want! I want an all-black with one female motown/shag/beach music band!

Know of any good bands in SC-GA-NC that are motown??

Tyler moved into a new house in the country this weekend, so there was lots of packing and moving involved. Also a few ticks found their way onto my body. Ugh, love the country, hate the critters!

Sarge knew something was up


He didn't want us to leave him!

How much stuff can one guy have??

A trailer, tahoe, and 4 trucks later!

Whew. Then yesterday I had to run errands to get things like a shower curtain rod and liner, bathroom rugs, throw rugs, a trash can, toilet paper.... you know, the necessities. Since it is HIS house (or it is until March), I'm not really allowed to add girly touches like I want to. And it is a farm house, so he wants to keep it fairly "rustic." He is SO excited to have lots of open space and woods to hunt.
So, I am very busy... Making the guest list, booking the photographer and band and caterer and decorator and everything else! I'm trying to get Tyler straight at his house AND work. Yikes. I've also gotten up every workday morning to go to the gym. I gotta get this bod in wedding shape!!

Oh, also I am working on a fun giveaway soon and I can't wait! It may not be for another while BUT get excited!!

What did you do this weekend? Are you as tired as I am on this Monday morning???

Ta ta,


Vivian said...

Vintage Soul Band out of Charlotte played at last year's Terrier Ball. I can't remember if they had a female vocalist but you should check them out!

Shannon Vaughn said...

We are using a great band called Uncle Funkle -- there is no female but they may just fit what you are looking for. They do a lot of Charleston weddings but the main guy is out of Charlotte. May be worth checking them out!

Megan said...

Love love love that you have a date picked!! We used to have a ton of motown beach bands play when I was working at our local beach, but I am sure they are all out of Virginia :(.

Amy G. said...

YAY for setting the date! The hardest and most important part is done. Now enjoy all of the details :)

Becca said...

Congrats on setting the date! Enjoy all the planning! I just got done helping my cousin plan hers and it is so much fun!

barberar said...

It's smooth sailing from here on out! Setting the date was the hardest part. Next hardest is the guest list. Luckily, Rich and I want to keep it small but I hate, hate, hate feeling like I'm leaving people out! So happy for you that everything worked out!!

Claire said...

Ugh will you please get my bod into wedding shape FOR ME? xoxoxo

Shelby said...

Hi there! Is it true that you live in Champaign? (I just found you on Coast to Coast) I'm from Peoria! Come say hello if you have time!:)

Shelby xoxo

Sundresses and Smiles said...

So much exciting news since I last stopped by--Congratulations!! And don't worry, you can definitely add your girlie touches, just do it slowly and subtly, hehe! I tease Bryce all the time that his house wasn't a home until he met me!