Sunday, July 8, 2012


Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post! We are so thrilled!!


After all of the excitement last Friday, we still had to go to a wedding for another couple on Saturday!

Saturday morning I woke up, still sort of in shock that I had a gorgeous diamond ring on my finger! I changed into my bathing suit and we headed to the Law's house to pick them up and hit the beach. We had never parked at Isle of Palms before at the public walkway because we normally rent a house in the summer. We had to ask a policeman on his bike where to park and I think my mom scared him because he completely flipped over on his bike and totally busted it. It was absolutely hysterical! All of us in the car couldn't stop laughing!

showing off my bling

I LOVE Isle of Palms!

After a few hours on the beach, I finally was about my grab Grouchos (my absolute favorite sandwich place in the world) and then got ready for Brandon and Lindsey's wedding. I had never met them before, but Cameron was a groomsman and his entire family was invited to the wedding. It was gorgeous!

The wedding was at a really old church downtown and was very pretty! The reception was at a plantation on the river and was gorgeous. It was super, super hot, but we had a ton of fun anyways!

the brides drink

beautiful decorations

LOVE this. probably stealing the idea for my wedding!

gorgeous flowers

mr and mrs lewis

bride and groom signature drinks- great idea!

the family

sweet Ty
We had so much fun taking lots of pictures in the sunset! I love some of the pictures so much, I am contemplating using them as engagement pics :)

future mother in law!

so in love with this picture + this guy!

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

I do love the sunset pictures! And how cute is the cotton?!

Emily said...

I love that last photo!!! It would be great for an engagement photo! :-) And the cotton is too cute (and would fit in with your blog name ;) )