Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trying to Get Fit

I'm going to go ahead and apologize for the rambling that is about to occur! Callie had an awesome post today about having a more healthy lifestyle and I decided I wanted to do the same thing!

With this running kick I have been on for the past 2 or so months, I have been trying very hard to really pay attention to what I am eating and how much I am exercising!


Normally, this is my workout schedule:
Monday- run 3 miles + weight training at the gym
Tuesday- go to CSI energy class at the gym + 1 mile on the elliptical/treadmill
Wednesday- run to the gym and back to go to zumba
Thursday- various exercises
Friday- day off
Saturady- day off or go on walk with Sarge
Sunday- go on a short run or walk with Sarge

My problem is this: Consistency.

I get bored doing the same things over and over. Lately, the gym has been SUPER hot and I have also had issues running outside on the terrible uneven sidewalks we have in town. Sometimes Tyler and I play tennis. Every now and then I'll do an ab workout with my roommate.

I just get really tired after work and on the weekends I want to relax!

I'm also trying to start to train for a Half Marathon. I have to have some type of goal and this would be a good one. Who has a good training program???

I've also tried to start eating better. During the day I am OK with the snacks I have while at work along with my lunches I pack. Dinner is my problem. We eat later because of my time in the gym and usually poor Tyler is the one who ends up cooking dinner because he gets off work before I do and gets to the gym before me. We usually settle for something unhealthy and fast. How do you overcome this... One way:

I want to learn how to get up and run in the mornings.

I just really value my sleep too much! How do I overcome this??

I'm not aiming to lose a specific amount of weight (this honestly seems very impossible for me to lose anything!!), so I am just trying to eat better and be more active. I guess the weight loss will come?


What do you think? Any help/tips/thoughts appreciated, good or bad!

Ta ta,


Amy G. said...

I totally said I would send you a half marathon training program so here it is! -- I would suggest the Novice 1 or 2 if it's your first! Also, I've found that on days that I just want to relax, I'm usually in a funky mood and working out makes me feel so much better. Now don't get me wrong, I'm SO guilty of not working out when I should (aren't we all?) but having my hubby push me some days helps a lot! Find someone to motivate you!

CALLIE said...

Ahhhh this just made my day!! Thanks so much for the shout out and having my button. Aren't you just the sweetest :)

Anywhoodle... When I trained for my half marathon, I just ran 3-4 miles at a time during the week and did one long run on the weekends. Increasing by a mile each week. Of course, if you aren't real comfortable with you distance from the week before, repeat it!!! I only got up to 10 miles before race day.

Sassy Girl said...

Smart Coach is a great customizable training program through Runner's World magazine.
There is also a free Mobile App available at the iTunes store. Find it here:
The program is programmable with Distance, Intensity, Days Off, and Training Length.
Good Luck!

barberar said...

Rich and I meal plan, which helps tremendously. On the days we don't plan ahead what to eat, we usually end up making something unhealthy or going out to eat & making bad eating decisions. Also, when I want something unhealthy, I go to SkinnyTaste and try to make it that way. I really love the grocery store so I don't mind going to get stuff even when I'm tired {I need to start shopping for the week as going 4 times a week is $$$$). If I'm not eating with Rich, I tend to be pretty boring and eat a salad or have scrambled eggs or something.

Getting up in the AM is super hard, I'm not going to lie. But I have a lot more energy and I am more cheerful if I do it. I usually go to bed in the my gym clothes so I can roll over, put on my tennis shoes and just get out the door. I also aim for about 2-3 days a week of this. I know I will beat myself up if I decide to sleep in one morning so it's easier if I have a general goal.

I have a problem with doing the same stuff over and over. I basically either get on the elliptical or go to a yoga or pilates class. I really need to start strength training. It just really intimidates me.

Ahh, sorry for the novel!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Oh man! Rough! I always found it hard to make myself go walk or run (that lasted 2 days. I can't do it anyway because my knees are horrible). I teach dance so I get a work out that way but I also started going to a jazzercise class. (It isn't full of old ladies). If I didn't do that, I would not be motivated to go to a gym. When I get to jazzercise I am still so lazy feeling but I just get through it and then I'm glad I did it. Being in an official class as opposed to doing a workout on my own in a gym helps me.


Meg {henninglove} said...

callie is awesome that is for sure! love her blog. i am a morning runner, always have been. i htink that is maybe why i have never had trouble running in the morning. plus i learned i am less likely to run at all during the day if i don't do it in the morning. i consider my morning run my me time and i don't sacrifice that for anything else. gotta keep me healthy, that is the reason i run

Taylor said...

Good for you for running + getting fit and healthy! I am so good during the week - but then literally every friday night to sunday night I pig out and do nothing. Consistency is clearly a problem for me too. I write down everything I eat and all of my workouts so that I can see that when nothing is happening its because of my fri-sun or whatever it is. and pinterst always has great inspirational quotes!!

Stephanie said...

I was going to suggest the hal higdon training program. Thats the one I'm doing for my half marathon training. My resolution to all of this is: We need to live in the same city so we can motivate each other and make each other run in the morning. :)

Stephen said...

Don't undervalue running at midnight (or close to it). I tend to get back to my place from the office fairly late, and even if you do set out on a run at (say) 11pm, if you have a shower you can crash out to sleep easily. Added to which, there's no problem at that hour with running on the pavements etc etc.