Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

What a great linkup today!

I'm delaying a little on my Cinco de Mayo post- waiting to get pictures uploaded! Sorry!

Just Peachy

1. Trash TV

Law and Order SVU


Private Practice

Grey's Anatomy

The Bachelor /The Bachelorette

I don't know why I get sucked in, but I do! I have been watching Grey's since high school, SVU since freshman year of college, the Bachelor since middle school, Private Practice since college, and now I just started watching Revenge and Scandal!

2. Target
Seriously. Who doesn't love Target- clothes, shoes, cosmetics, home supplies, electronics, groceries? My fav.

3. Ice cream/ Fro yo

I really have to limit  myself!!!

4. Social Media

This blog!

LinkedIn (for work)

Tyler jokes that he doesn't want me to get an Iphone because I will be on it even more than I already am! Whoops. It's addicting!

5. Pictures

I really do love pictures!!!!

What are your guilty pleasures?

Ta ta,


Cori H. said...

My guilty pleasures are the same as yours! Give me any of those 5, and I'm a happy girl! :)

Taylor said...

obviously you know that mine is trash TV, but i watch so much of it that it probably takes up all 5 spots. And Revenge is completely my intellectual television show on the list.... it's practically CNN right??? :)


Victoria said...

great list!

target is always a danger zone for me :)

Megan said...

Oh my goodness, these are all mine. Especially 2 and 3! Where Stuart lives in Cville there is a froyo place right next to Target. A dream, for sure!

Jess said...

I love all of these and I think most are my favorite things too! Thats why I love having a blog so I can dish on my trashy reality tv shows and share my pictures. :)

SHF said...

My guilty pleasures are Pinterest (so addicting!), Starbucks, stationery, and anything sweet! I love candy of all kinds!