Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Summer Favorites

Just Peachy

Linking up with Rachel for Top 5 Tuesday!

This week : Top 5 Things About Summer!

1. Summer Clothes
I'm ready for this chilly Midwestern weather to GO AWAY! I'm ready for cute summer clothes!

2. Fresh Fruit

I will miss the SC produce that I love so much, but hopefully the Amish around here will have some for me to buy!! I'm all about local produce! :)

3. Being on the Water

I grew up going to Lake Marion SC  my entire life. Since I am landlocked here in Central Illinois, I will be visiting Lake Shelbyville often!

4. Road Trips


Tyler and I have lots of trips planned this summer!
May: Iowa (this weekend) for Cino de Mayo, possibly St. Louis for Braves v. Cardinals, Nashville for Memorial Day weekend for my friend Cara's wedding.
June: Becca is tentatively coming to visit so Chicago will be on the books, Charleston SC for a wedding (and home!)
July: Hopefully Chicago again for the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon
August: My roommate Audrey's Bachelorette Party in Nashville
Add in a couple of random trips, too!

5. Sunshine


I am dying for some sunshine! I will also take this cute bathing suit AND the beer. Pronto!

What are you looking forward to about summer?

Ta ta,


Victoria said...

fresh fruit almost made my list,i love it (peaches,berries,melons!!) lol

roadtrips are always awesome!

Forever in Pearls said...

Finally being able to lay out by the pool all weekend!

Claire said...

Lots of trips to Nashville! I'm jealous! Wish we were going to be in Charleston at the same time though :( I'll be there in July! I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER! xoxo

Taylor said...

SERIOUSLY - this cold rainy weather needs to GO! love the summer clothes pic at the top!


Emily said...

oooo you've got some good ones!! fresh fruit is DEFINITELY one of my favorite things...i can't believe i forgot to put that on my list!