Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wanting to Craft!

For some reason today, I have been dying to make a craft! I am still trying to finish up decorating my room and I can't figure out what it needs. I visited our favorite website Pinterest to get some inspiration. Sometimes you just want to get crafty!

Here are some ideas I found:

Easy- from beer bottles!

Tissue paper flower

candle sticks and china!

button bowl- made from a balloon! So cute!

Jewelry organizer from window pane 

ribbon wine bottle!

sewn button coaster

wine cork earring organizer

chevron coaster

vases from cans

I love all of these! I can't decide which I want to make first. What do you suggest? Have you made any of these! I would love suggestions as to what fun and moderately easy DIY projects!

See all my DIY ideas at my Pinterest Board!

Ta ta,

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Sunkissed and Southern said...

thanks for sharing! i like those chevron coasters.