Thursday, January 12, 2012

Out of Ideas

I feel like lately I have been at a loss for blog posts. I don't really do anything interesting enough to blog about. I'm still trying to make friends here in my new town and winter is a hard time to try to even got motivated to do anything. Other than a couple of link-ups, I've lost motivation to blog lately. Does this ever happen to you?

Today the snow started... I was a little anxious all day about driving in the snow so I was pretty much a failure at work.. This time last year when I came to visit Tyler for the first time I LOVED the snow and had so much fun being snowed in, but getting snow and driving to work and watching it out of your window at work all day is no fun!

{via google}

That is what everything looks like.. SO bland! Corn + snow.

Anyways, sorry for the borderline complaining and whiney post, I just need some ideas and motivation to blog. I've started shifting my blog to reflect my move rather than shopping/products/reviews/etc because more of my family and friends back home has started reading my blog.

Any ideas for blog posts? Do you ever get in a blog rut? 

Ta ta,


Victoria said...

i hear ya...i link up to a couple different weekly blogs posts each week (like a book club one,a what i love one, a tv show one, a fill in the blank one, a currently one...) they are fun and easy to use as "daily" posts.

Megan said...

I definitely get into blogging blocks! & just remember know matter what your blog people will love it anyways!

Whitney said...

I've done link ups for the past two days and I'm very tempted to do another today. I'm very much in a rut as well! I'm quite jealous of your snow, although it was 45 degrees today in Houston. That's a 30 degree difference from last week!

rkjalernpan said...

Sometimes I get very caught up in what I think other people will and won't want to read. But it's the daily,silly stuff from other people's perspective that I enjoy reading the most. Hope the blog rut doesn't stick around for long, I have a case of it too. Maybe it's the weather!

Anonymous said...

Oh girl! I get writers block far too often! You are not alone! Write about: products you use, wish list, trips you've taken, college experience, your dream job, and maybe your family! Hope those suggestions help! Have a great weekend!

simply kelly said...

It's so hard sometimes to write something all the time! Your timing to ask for help though is good. Head over to centsational girl, she did a post this week about 50 things to write about when you have writers block :-). Have a good week ~Kelly

Cori H. said...

I feel the same way you do about the snow. It would love it more if I could just stay home, wrapped up, and watching the snow fall. However, I don't like it when I have to get out in it and go to work.

I've lost a bit of motivation to blog lately too. Sometimes it's so hard to come up with a good blog post!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love snow until I have to deal with snow. I could sit and watch it fall- from inside the house, in my bed, under the covers with a cup of hot something in my hand- for hours. But then it comes time to walk the dog three times a day. And deal with dirty, wet, yucky stuff. And worse...salt because people are too lazy to shovel. At those moments, I miss Florida- ha. But from inside my's all lovely.