Wednesday, August 7, 2013

wedding recap: formals

Our fabulous minister

My dad's parents

All of my grandparents

My mom's dad

Entire Perrow family

My parents and brother 

My parents

My cousins

Our parents

Wedding directors

Tyler's family

Tyler's cousins

 Ty's family

Wedding party

Frierson family (mom's side)

 My cousins on the Frierson side

 Soooooo as we were taking this picture Tyler hit me in the face.... As you can see from Ruthie's face (first on the right) and Rebecca's (first on left) everyone was so shocked. I was a little peeved but we just had to laugh!

Love our wedding party


Meredith said...

again, these are beautiful you both have tons of family! my veil is as long as yours was a lot to deal with, it has me a little worried. Its also trimmed in lace that matches my dress.

Megan said...

Missing you friend!! As always - love the pics. The one of Ty making up for hitting you is hilarious!

Kristin said...

You had an absolutely gorgeous gown & veil! Love all the lace on it. I also love how you took the time to have pictures with all the family...such sweet memories. :)

Amy @ A Glimpse of the Gouglers said...

SO always :)

Kristin said...

Love the bridesmaids shots!

Taylor said...

so pretty as always!!!

Amber said...

That one after he hit you, ouch, but made for a cute photo! :)

Dori Jarecki said...

So beautiful !